But I know it, because its.

Felt: Need to watch video, then download it think hexhaxtron

Resue: So itll be kinda hard to crawl for that

Naas: Giraffe_, I know that. but I need an automate way to download them all.

Rambo: Yeah, its kinda hard if the downloads require a video

Ringley: I’m using raphaeljs and trying to get alignment-baseline to work, anyone had problems with that? It won’t even set it in the svg tag

Holmlund: Hi i need a hand on the basics of js

Vandermark: Https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/wiki/Getting-Started i got the html from there, and not sure about the three.js

Grams: Hello, i use some mysql datas in my javascript. I just need teh strings but I have to add ” at the end and the start of every entree iyn my database. When i don’t do this the java command failed

Ligonis: Hey guys, trying to use momentjs, not sure if this is the right channel. i’m trying to change ‘8.5’ to ’00:08:30′ but im not having much luck

Foil: Kalio_: sounds like whatever code on the backend which interacts with a db is wrong

Jacobitz: I tried moment.duration$this.text, “minutes”.format”h:mm” but its returning 0

Sheeran: Deniska: Hm I dont know. In my db I only have strings. And teh Java code need two ” ‘ ” on every side front and end

Shindle: Kalio_: it seems like java code uses string concatenation to make queries which is extremely bad idea

Ouk: Deniska: Yea in the php code there is an echo where the function gets called

Bushovisky: I’m placing text on a canvas with RaphaelJS, however, the text seems to have it’s “alignment” at the center, so basically the y coordinate is pointing at the middle of the text and not the top as I desire. I’ve tried several things without succeeding: http://pastie.org/private/zgiymnr1k2pi8gyh3kqa

Cerroni: How come evalp****Int8.5 //8

Math: Jrockjiggz: talking to me? :

Bok: He’s talking to past self =

Amodei: K i figured it out, thanks

Bible: Kalio_: you want to at least use Java’s prepared statements. But you can also use query builders like http://www.jooq.org/. Please do not, ever, use strings for generating SQL queries. You’ll get it wrong. And people will destroy your entire database because of that.

Gillispie: Hehe, wish someone were talking to me :

Okwuona: Hylle: he’s not using java

Mcreynolds: And he called javascript java =

Defusco: Hylle: is that a common thing – strings for generating SQL, I’m sure I’ve seen that a couple of times in threads or something

Personette: Kalio_: same thing, though, you want to use a library that generates safe queries for you, not write it as an echo/string/whatever

Baldiviez: Baxx: unfortunately :/

Mayhall: Hylle: I only have one query which only reads out of the db. There is No user input 😀

Hubsch: Kalio_: doesn’t matter.

Freibert: Kalio_: don’t use strings. Ever.

Kennedy: Hylle: Hm ok burt How can i do this?

Langefels: Hylle: he doesn’t create sql strings by concatenation

Vieyra: Hylle: for some reason he outputs javascript =

Spizzirri: Kalio_: for generating the query, you want to use a library that does that for you. For sending it to the client, you want to use the JSON serialisation PHP has built-in.

Laa: His query is ‘select * from table’

Araldi: Kalio_: also, don’t generate JavaScript. Send the JSON separately, and p**** that in your JS.

Kidner: Kalio_: http://php.net/manual/en/function.json-encode.php

Goetting: Okay but why can I do this like I do now?

Cesar: For just one mysql statement

Kotzen: With canvas 2d drawImage, how do i draw an animated gif? how do i access multiple frames?

Bemrich: Has anyone used webix for prototyping ui’s?

Longest: But I know it, because its very similar to a project of mine