Calvillo: what do you mean.

Bernotas: Eddins I hop eI can figure out myself how to do that but one which element would you put the ‘hover’ state?

Yonge: 3d transforms. stacking contexts. whatnot.

Kretz: Any idea how to debug? i have a rotating cube like slideshow, and z position isn’t taking into account when clipping

Bensberg: Or it’s not trying to clip at all

Vandervelden: As in things further away is drawn on top of things closer

Degidio: Height 100% bug in chrome :

Scadlock: Is there an elegant way to target all elements extept the first-of-type?

Effron: I want to add something via :before, but not to the first element.

Gaudier: So for all elements its: .container a::before { content: “” }

Piceno: Now i need an elegant way to not have it on the first element

Kyger: Eddins: can :not be applied to that?

Holdiness: This seems to work: .footer a:not:first-child::before

Eddins: Is there a reason you wouldn’t use ~ ?

Eddins: It selects all .container that follow a .container i.e. all except the first

Eddins: It has wider support than :not, which may be interesting for you

Folson: According to mdn, all browsers on my radar support :not

Eddins: Easy then – it’s nice to have choices :

Fischbein: The oldest IE I support is IE 11 :

Nishio: The oldest IE I support is 6

Ayscue: Only 0.77% of my users use IE 11. and death will take care of that.

Horak: You’re going to murder IE users to change the statistics?

Endlich: A man has to do what a man has to do

Squires: Use any kind of modernizer library

Schomberg: Ie10 is decent enough

Ellington: It actually is the one browser highest on my list to consider supporting.

Salvucci: Given how easy anything from IE8+ is to support, I don’t see why you wouldn’t

Shawnee: I can just imagine taking your ten year old car to the mechanic, and being told they don’t support anything made before 2010

Turmelle: Well unlike browsers I don’t see anybody giving me a free car every time they release a new version

Nieminen: Well, supporting does not only mean fix whats broken. it also means include in out testing. we have automated and manual testing. so supporting an additional browser ups the ongoing costs.

Daudt: When a link has a border on hover, is it possible to not have the border on the ::before content?

Neagle: Here is an example:

Bernotas: Eddins On which HTML element would you set the hover state. So I can animate my ‘overlay’ div? :

Crim: If I have icon in adobe illustrator what is the best format to save it? Isn’t icons usually saved as .fa?

Calvillo: Hrusti: Icons are font types

Slusher: Calvillo: ok. so what to do to get it as a font?

Calvillo: Hrusti: Well, if it’s just an icon or two

Calvillo: Because it can be included as both a file or a SVG script

Calvillo: Hrusti:

Nishina: Calvillo: I have design for website, there is a lot of icons in website

Calvillo: Hrusti: Have you checked out Font Awesome?

Bernotas: I would use SVG as well.

Calvillo: Hrusti:

Lobos: Calvillo: yea I know font awesome but I have custom icons :

Calvillo: Hrusti: I would suggest not using custom icons as there should be no need with the extensive collection FA provides.

Bernotas: Almost there:

Bernotas: Someone an idea how I can . hide the + sign and when hovering it slides from left to right or something?

Caster: Calvillo: what do you mean?