We’re using ajaxPrefilter -.

Koelling: Well i have several project

Mcfeeley: And each projects have different names

Schoninger: Each project has its own table

Muney: When you click button you will get spesific table

Ladesma: Name of button just indicates what project table is in

Mattila: But they all belong to the same form?

Gosz: Well i will create button dynamically

Morison: So it will belong to same form

Mattila: So on your back end, you having to look to see which of the n buttons was clicked?

Mattila: Ok, so that leads to my point

Kersch: Have a look which one is clicked

Shoults: And get corresponding query string

Mattila: If you name them all the same, you don’t have to look to see which one was clicked. you always look for the one name, and check it’s value to know which was clicked

Hartup: Use that query string in function

Kranze: This can cause casuality

Pelham: Because people will observer the system

Vincente: Because people will observe the system

Gergen: And they will know which table in which button

Nardelli: So they just observe button in the screen

Faver: And button will be animated in case any failure occurs

Lorio: They will click it and see the table

Kunis: Or they will report it this project has some failure check it out

Pingrey: So name of button can make life easier

Benzee: Button with same names can be confusing

Mattila: Uh, your talking about the users?

Lindsay: Punctuation, not line breaks please

Farquhar: Mattila: system will be used by person

Mattila: Users typically do not see the name of a button

Mattila: Unless they inspect the html of the page

Cheetham: I work on a big bank they have million of service we divide this service into tables and bind to button. And when you click this button you will get related tables

Kurnik: Think about thousand record everyday bank is operation 24 / 7

Mattila: The users don’t see the name

Darsey: Button will do***ent itself

Mattila: The value cant do***ent it

Ebersol: You remember the principle you meantioned to me. Variables name should be self do***ented

Mattila: It’s not a variable, it’s an html element

Minacci: No it just meantion itself

Mattila: If you want to describe it, that can be an id or cl***

Mattila: But in this case it makes the backend more complicated

Mattila: To have different names

Hurtz: But use will only see the name of button as facade of button right

Benn: Mattila: thats the job we are dealing with

Mattila: Lol, your not agreeing with me and then yes!

Turnes: Mattila: i follow your instruction

Barletta: Http://jsfiddle.net/Hurry/4twhevnf/ — why doesn’t this one see me as authenticated?

Lagle: But i have to tell my design

Ruckel: Anyone care to explain why offset returns what it returns here: http://jsfiddle.net/dkcq5fd4/

Cressell: Suggestion right but you are like teacher to me

Veasman: Also counted as instructor

Mussmann: I follow your footsteps 😀

Mattila: Hey, feel free to do your own design. you’ll be maintaining it after all

Pfluger: Evacuate facility before self destruction repeat

Thiele: Evacuate facility before self destruction

Vardy: We’re using ajaxPrefilter – here is the code – http://pastebin.com/Zmj0wY4b Our setting is 3 retries when our an ajax call fails. I noticed that when the retry also fails, it won’t go into our error callback. It will only go to error callback when it’s done with the 3 retries