What was the reasoning for.

Tufts: Let me try to fix smt

Stover: Cork: Mattila: ok thanks

Dunleavy: Mattila: i couldnt get information when you click button why is that https://jsfiddle.net/gpuby3mp/20/

Mattila: Serialize works on form elements

Merson: I cannot console $”ButtonCl***”.value too

Raker: When you click button

Mattila: Also don’t look up the element in your handler

Mattila: Use this to reference the one clicked

Vigna: Hellyeah: .value is dom

Mattila: Dimi1947: so that would be the condition you need to write, :

Cranney: Hellyeah: also don’t forget the dot for the cl*** selector

Mok: I supposed this refers to ButtonCl*** in that case

Nabritt: Https://jsfiddle.net/gpuby3mp/25/

Olten: Hellyeah: no, the code you have fails cause it tries to use dom properties on the jquery object

Mattila: Again, don’t lookup the button in the handler

Sinks: Not this time https://jsfiddle.net/gpuby3mp/25/ :=

Shugars: Hellyeah: https://jsfiddle.net/gpuby3mp/26/

Albrittain: Hellyeah: you can’t replace this with $ cause it will select all the buttons with that cl***

Markle: Not just the one you clicked

Erpenbach: This refer spesific one

Kalvig: I just have to serialize it now i guess

Pertsovsky: Mattila: you said serialize works with form

Oakey: But i have use this text come from this.value

Mapstone: And turn to querystring

Striplin: So i need to use button i dont see how form get involved here

Suominen: If you dont mind can you explain

Mattila: Serialize works with form

Mattila: It finds children inputs and serializes them

Mattila: If your wanting to serialize just that one field, it would be something different

Ruegger: Closest’form’.next; ?

Kawamura: Mattila: i will serialize the text in the

Roselle: You will see text when you click button right

Mattila: In that case just do encodeURIComponentthis.value

Janise: This character should be & i mean i dunno may be asp.net use different notation

Mattila: Var something = encodeURIComponentthis.name +’=’+ encodeURIComponentthis.value

Tkacik: Hellyeah: memorised “param1=value1&param2=value2 this”.

Alvidrez: Hellyeah: reply hazy, try again.

Schuiling: I need to change the design a bit https://jsfiddle.net/gpuby3mp/30/

Impson: Here is notation here

Newnham: Question mark instead of equal at the beginning of query string

Mattila: I’m familiar with the http param notation. key value pairs are separated with =, not ?

Lamper: If you seperate two things you use & instead of % at least in asp.net

Martes: If you put = instead of ? it puts = at the beginning of query string

Mattila: Your building the key=value part

Macguire: Is there sane way to modify datepicker without modifications of internal variables?

Pozzi: Mattila: https://jsfiddle.net/gpuby3mp/34/ i dont understand why it prints name of button “ctl02” but here https://jsfiddle.net/gpuby3mp/34/

Mattila: Those are the same link?

Mattila: And it’s using the name of the button clicked

Kunis: Maybe it is because I’m half sedated but why does it scroll to the left and return offset.left = 40 if you click the green area? https://jsfiddle.net/dkcq5fd4/

Thornley: Anyway i understood the logic

Mesplay: I will do some design chances

Mattila: I did have one question though

Mattila: What was the reasoning for giving your submit buttons different names?