But ofc given the image.

Duthie: Stoogenmeyer: so you only want vertical scroll bar?

Metzgar: Overflow-x and/or overflow-y is your friend then

Kopinski: For that specific element there is no vertical scroll it’s as high as its elements which are just square images

Dejongh: Lemondom: but overflow-x is to enable scroll on overflow among others no? which I already do, so it scroll great horizontally, but it shows a scrollbar below

Siniscalchi: Overflow-x: hidden for example

Jarell: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6421966/css-overflow-x-visible-and-overflow-y-hidden-causing-scrollbar-issue

Lowes: I’m trying to override user agent’s input:-webkit-autofill, but the brwoser keeps ignoring mine and using the user agent stylesheet.any ideas? my rule is listed over the user agent one but striked through

Critton: Does bootstrap have a responsive nav feature built in?

Shortino: Hey i got a container { width: 1024px; } and i’ve got an ID: header-fixed which is inside a container. How do I make header-fixed ignore the 1024px width restriction?

Csubak: Think with the position: absolute

Crumpacker: Or don’t constrain the container but wrap the lower elements in a div and constrain that

Raymond: I’ve took a sticky anything javascript and it has a problem. It applies the effect before the element is fully scrolled, but when the beginning of it starts

Padley: If ewindow.scrollTop = orgElementTop – t && viewport = n && viewport = r { how can it be fixed?

Headen: User1408: this is not a JS support channel

Headen: User1408: FWIW, there’s sticky as a CSS positioning, but unfortunately browser support still ****s

Headen: Although JS dropins could probably be added

Headen: Https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/position#Sticky_positioning

Headen: Appears to only work in Safari and Firefox right now.

Headen: Let’s see if someone made a JS workaround

Ooton: Wouldnt help me by only those two

Headen: Http://www.sitepoint.com/css-position-sticky-introduction-polyfills/ this looks promising

Arujo: Hello #CSS, hoping someone can help me out with an issue I’m having with my logo placement. I’ve talked with bprompt about it and can’t figure it out. The site is www.toxusa-labs.net. I need the logo to be moved from where it is to the top left corner and have it fixed with the menu buttons that move when you scroll.

Headen: User1408: yeah, but since you came to #css . looks like you could style it to target those 2, then use this polyfill to fix the others

Headen: Helpmeplease: man that layout is a mess.

Headen: Helpmeplease: so. even if I fix the padding and the alignment for the logo, the container of the logo is a child of .container

Headen: Helpmeplease: it would either have to be moved out of there, or positioned

Headen: And right now that’s the only thing keepign “home” where it is

Headen: Helpmeplease: but yes, positioning would be the logical and easy thing to do

Artez: The home banner or the buttons?

Headen: Helpmeplease: for example, if you took the parent a of the image and added position: fixed; left: 0; top: 0;

Headen: The logo ends up about where you expect

Headen: You’ll then have to figure out where you want “Home” to appear

Headen: Tweaking the padding could deal with that since .site-branding would now only have the purpose of pushing Home down

Headen: If you don’t want Home pushed down, well, then remove the padding on site-branding or position it instead

Madera: I like the position of home, but where do I add the ‘position: fixed; left: 0; top: 0;’?

Headen: 12:21 nemo helpmeplease: for example, if you took the parent a of the image and added position: fixed; left: 0; top: 0;

Headen: But ofc given the image expanded the .site-branding, you’ll have to adjust the padding on .site-branding to compensate for its removal