Hey. is there a way to hide.

Poledore: You need to give a live example

Currey: I need use someone pagination

Qazi: Don’t have only pagination css on bootstrap?

Backen: Don’t have only pagination css on bootstrap?

Pierfax: So does bootstrap it would seem

Nesspor: Display: grid; is compleatly new to me. Does people used that yet?

Crochet: This feature is available to try out in Chrome behind an experimental flag.

Obannon: I can use grid layout in firefox

Aberle: Hi guys, is it not possible to keyframe animate ‘color’ property?

Gault: Finally, a polyfill exists, so you have no excuses not to start experimenting.

Flennoy: How can I override the * selector for a specific cl***?

Schwede: Testerbit use !important

Trussel: Hi, I want a ordinary select element but without the styling when not clicked, I want the default styling for when it’s open is there a cross browser way of doing this?

Billotti: I got a little problem here, if you click the “Previous post”, an animation starts filling the button from bottom to top with black color. I’ve also set up a keyframe animation for animating the button color, although this animation is not initializing at all. can someone help me figure out why? https://jsfiddle.net/danneniko/sjym58xd/

Beedles: Zagaza: I use important and it actually loads none of the css when !important is added

Hahn: I’m using the7-theme and I’ve tried to find out how to remove the white space between the menu and the layerslider, but can´t get a hang of it. How do I remove it? http://i.imgur.com/IKgIyWp.png

Brodrick: Oilrrrr, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Selking: Just that im kind of a newbie

Sebron: Not sure which code goes to which window at codepen

Feild: Does anybody know how i can emulate this drag button on the configure panel on the rightside of this page? it changes the width of the body by dragging it http://www.undsgn.com/uncode/home/blog-metro/

Borenstein: Osaki: tinystoat these are the files in the theme folder

Mcbratney: Http://i.imgur.com/I50l53j.png

Kennie: Which one should i paste in html?

Kawell: Damn, Im trying to setup a vertical I already created the first part but now I have to replicate the first part again. It should be dynamic so when I add item in the backend the got that structure i.imgur.com/xANoA9t.png

Kawell: Should it be possible to do this with Masonry?

Balick: Does anybody know how i can create that drag button that adjusts website’s width? http://imgur.com/gnS5ILX screenshot http://www.undsgn.com/uncode/home/blog-metro/ realpage

Fabionar: There was a code that centering and shrinking the image to fit best in to a specific dimensioned div. one word of code. can some one remind me please

Pultorak: Does :not.someTopCl*** .subSubSubCl*** {} work ?

Lachino: As in: .someTopCl*** .otherElems / .someWrapper .sub .subSubSubCl*** / / ?

Mootispaw: It seems :not checks other possibilities so .someWrapper .subSubSubCl*** would match

Fraklin: Hmm I got a question here guys, I’ve updated my fiddle a little bit. If you click the “Previous posts” button. the hover effect on the button kind of hides that there is any animation going on. but if you click the “Previous posts” button and remove the mouse instantly. you see that the button fills black from bottom to top. So my question is. is there any way I can kind of remove the hover

Warrilow: Psuedo cl*** on click? http://jsfiddle.net/danneniko/5r8BY/402/

Femmer: Is there any attribute to make the input box not white but a different color ?

Osbment: Is it possible to check/uncheck a checkbox with CSS?

Uptegrove: Hey. is there a way to hide a horizonal scroll bar? It’s a horizontally scrollable gallery of sorts so I don’t want to disable scroll on overflow but I do want to get rid of the scroll bar