Mezod: huh. this is on.

Headen: Overall, whole thing is just kinda hideous tho

Bainey: Ah, well, best I can say is I’m learning

Lestor: But, as I am learning, I am trying to find where the parent for the logo is in the style.css sheet

Headen: It probably doesn’t have one

Headen: You’d have to add a new rule

Headen: Something like. .site-branding a {}

Marciniak: Hey folks, is there a way to set the pivot point for a rotation transform?

Groholski: Thats where I get confused Nemo

Privitera: Can I send you a pastebin of the Stylesheet?

Sattazahn: Helpmeplease, Resources to help you get started:

Headen: Helpmeplease: no. that’d be silly

Headen: Obv I can see it just fine from here

Headen: I’ve just given you the properties *and* a rule. all I’m expecting you to do is combine those

Headen: If you can’t do that, you definitely need to check out schools

Headen: Or you’ll be asking for every little thing

Robak: Nm, transform-origin.

Keeton: Nemo: something like this?

Headen: Helpmeplease: what’s w/ you and pastebins? you can’t just change the site? but. yes.

Headen: Helpmeplease: as noted, the positioning of the image will make that block a bit smaller, so you’ll need to push down the Home to compensate using margin/padding

Headen: Helpmeplease: or positioning it or whatever, but since we were focused on just moving the image, not the rest of the site’s issues.

Shindorf: I’m trying to override user agent’s input:-webkit-autofill, but the brwoser keeps ignoring mine and using the user agent stylesheet.any ideas? my rule is listed over the user agent one but striked through

Dakan: Isn´t there any other way to place a different background color on the input textarea that using the textarea tag with the background-color attribute ?

Manvelyan: Mezod, CSS Specificity • Tutorials: , • Spec: • Graph yours: http://jon***

Amistoso: I mean why can´t we use directly the background-color attribute on the input tag ?

Headen: Mezod: oh wait. useragent

Crumpacker: Extreminador: because textarea is not an input

Headen: Mezod: you usually can’t override a browser stylesheet except in the broser

Magarelli: It’s not a specificity problem

Headen: Mezod: yes. I caught on eventually that you said user agent

Headen: Mezod: so, using either a userstyles addon something like that probably exists for chrome

Lamberton: Nemo: chrome puts a yellow background to inputs but i never see it on any sites, they must do something!

Headen: Mezod: or else chrome equiv to userContent.css

Lightbody: Yehh lool. but it’s a little non sense that works that way

Headen: Mezod: so. default styling of an input usually comes from system

Headen: Mezod: but if you can’t override it w/ a !important, it is something not intended to be changed except by the browser

Agoras: Nemo: if i use !important, then the user agent style is striken through in the webtools, and my style isn’t but the colour is still not the one I set, it’s very weird

Headen: Mezod: try overriding other styles to be certain that the input is not a system control

Headen: Mezod: at least w/ browsers I’m more familiar w/, setting other attributes will turn off system input styling

Headen: Mezod: like. try setting border for example

Headen: Mezod: testcase I guess. I could fire up chrome see what it looks like here

Headen: Mezod: or your website, whatever

Headen: Mezod: huh. this is on *all* sites?