Bprompt: Too bad there.

Sturwold: Body is .container’s parent

Ruivo: Extreminador: the value I should place? use the one you need then :, I mean, what do we know what “you” want/need

Muschaweck: Skinux: well, back to square one though, we’re not looking at the page and the markup hierarchy, so, we’re kinda at a loss there, could be anything

Hightower: But the one i need is the exact one to be on div

Vugteveen: I mean that why i place on the div right: 50px;

Kromrey: Sorry in the example 10 px

Gonyo: Cause i don´t want the input to exeed that

Loudenslager: Extreminador: so.hmmm you want the input to fill up the blue area?

Fenton: Extreminador: http://jsfiddle.net/qfwgyem3/1/

Kuhse: Thought that using relative would word and palce 100% but seems not

Tade: Http://jsfiddle.net/skinux/723hpozu/2/

Panto: The dam overflow attribute hehe. you guys know all attributes ?

Silcox: Extreminador: http://www.webdevout.net/test?0J&raw

Fortenberry: Loll the flex i give up from it. did try to understand it but.

Webbs: Some part’s i could not so i went back again

Luptak: Extreminador: I never said it was bad, I said it was no panacea, water is great, you drink a gl*** or more is good, you drink 5 gallons, is not so good, tis a matter of moderation, same goes for lipstics, lipsticks are good, but she start putting it all over her hair and cheeks and belly and so on, then it’s not so good 😛

Mutch: Extreminador: A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. ~~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery ~~

Ugolini: Yehh i know that. just saying that my skill’s about this are not good and since some part’s are hard for me to understand i try to avoid them flexbot is one of the parts

Seashore: For what you asked, in this specific scenario, to have the text and input alongside and extended like so, while maintaining them in the “normal flow”, it works very well

Renze: It’s not being easy for me to memorize all this stuff even this is not work related or something just for fun

Englin: Bprompt: I think I forgot to mention, my custom css is below all the app.css in the fiddle.

Efird: I’m trying to get this contact form to work. it says it submitted, but it doesn’t.

Pezzulo: Hey bprompt is that page for public use . i mean the test part ?

Eadie: Skinux: the cascade order, only overrides when the specificity values are equal for the selectors for the same element

Demman: Extreminador: webdevout? yeap, is for pasting stuff

Mattock: I know, that’s what I’m trying to figure out

Oosterhof: You said you couldn’t see the markup and all, so I provided it.

Goltz: Skinux: ohh. just saw it. what are you trying to override again?

Rettele: I want section .container to be horizontally centered in the page

Jacobsohn: Coll bprompt it’s has a huge output area. all other’s that i found on google have small areas and sometimes it’s not good

Cruse: Skinux: it’s already here

Hitson: Well, ****.it’s not doing it on my machine.

Gluckman: Extreminador: not a lot different than http://paste.asmcbain.net/ btw, they look alike, only difference being that webdeout gives the code alone, no iframes or added stuff by the server, just add water

Traynham: Brandin: doesn’t sound like css, more like a server language, I ***ume php, so hmm #php maybe

Dompe: Bprompt didn´t knew that one as well.

Gartman: Brandin: yeah, I’ve seen that, that shows the qualitylame of the ops, more of a deterrent than a help channel you’d want to check

Cestari: The type of channel, you’d be glad you didn’t go to =

Sorey: Brandin: could try #php on other networks

Dembitzer: Bprompt: Too bad there isn’t a browser which would act like incognito, except it would record only URL and Titles for sites visited.