Are you serious?.why dont.

Catenaccio: There’s the :lang selector

Men: But you dont need to if you can in the markup hes telling you

Landres: Can you be more specific?

Men: He just gave you the code on your index.html page

Men: The first line is !doctype something

Men: Dont paste a bunch of code

Friling: Mark_2: You put the current lang on the html element

Meach: Body { color: red; } :langfr { color: blue; }

Pernod: So. the default would be red. but if the page is in french, the text will be blue If the attribute on html is fr

Petitte: Um, but its not the page im talking about

Serrata: Im only goning to apply this to a specific laeer

Jadlowiec: That contains foreign language.

Men: Span title=”Spanish”a lang=”es” href=””Español/a/span

Men: French instead of es in the example

Leinwand: It “contains” foreign language, but it also containes English.

Contos: But thanks for the interest though

Zerr: I might have to change the font to one that actually supports both languages then.

Gunner: Mark_2: You could wrap the text in another language in spans ps with a lang=”whatever” :/

Dollard: But there’s no way to do it transparently.

Wigren: Yes, as i said at the start, it isn’t magic

Rhyan: I have one more question: how do i make the text “home today” to be aligned right below the ‘xedition’ logo on this page? right now it ’s somewhere in the middle of the page on a screen resolution of 1378*768

Fenton: Mark_2: depending on the characters, you could use unicode range subsetting

Mcdannold: Fenton, « http://lifeto.cafe24…m/xe/today » markup • errors: 5 • warnings: 1 • ch****t: UTF-8 • validation result:

Fenton: Still some HTML issues, Mark_2

Jurgenson: Thanks guy for the tips. for now, i just changed the font to the default font.

Schwimmer: Yeah. i can’t do anything about them at the moment.

Clunie: Fenton, « http://lifeto.cafe24…m/xe/today » CSS • errors: 132 • warnings: 129 • profile: css3 • validation result:

Helin: Why is firefox refusing to work with flexbox. using FF 37 Trying to vertically center the icons on the left.

Fenton: Pcfreak30: looks like this HTML has the same issues we identified yesterday…

Fenton: So – take the time to fix them up

Chapek: Fenton: i dont know what issues your referring to

Deshazior: It works fine in every browser but firefox

Kisielewski: Does that have any actual affect on the layout?

Fenton: Does that actually matter?

Fenton: Better to do it correctly no?

Matuck: It does matter as i need to resolve this before i worry about that

Fenton: But the answer will be different with correct code

Tolson: Gambl0re, Don’t ask to ask, or ask if anyone can help. Just ask your question or state your problem and wait. Oh, and be sure to read the channel topic.

Baures: Does anyone use emmet package in sublime

Fenton: Let’s not cross-post

Kachel: Incidentally, my palm smells like lavender.

Emeru: Sublime is not auto completing properly.any suggestions?

Wollschlager: This – div.col-md-6.col-md-offset-6 should = div cl***=”col-md-6 col-md-offset-6″ but it’s not

Dibello: When i do div.a.b it gives me – div.a cl***=”b”/a. wtf

Beal: Thats why i asked if anybody uses emmet. if you don’t then you wont understand what im talking about

Kokko: Are you serious?.why dont you try joining yourself and see what the channel looks like