Boogieidm: reason why I.

Ufford: Hagmann boogieidm: step 1 learn CSS step 2 decide if you want to work with a CSS framework

Novitski: The rules say to ***ume people are trying to be reasonable. it seems sushi went on to explain that learning how to use a framework is very different from learning how to use the language, which is true

Wingert: But the point boogie is trying to say is, he doesnt need to say it in an arrogant way

Novitski: So, in the name of reasonableness, it might be better to let that one go

Vallery: And I told him I don’t know terminology very well.

Novitski: It’s very hard to convey tone via text, and very easy to ***ume it

Wingert: Its easy if the right words are used.

Ghio: He’s just condescending is all. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves because the majority of the time it’s just someone thinking they are better than you.

Parcel: Novitski, this is very true

Domas: I do agree Wingert but I just didn’t know the right words. I told him so.

Novitski: The possibility can be lessened, but not eliminated. but all that means is that both sides of the communication need to err on the side of reasonableness, which is why its our rules

Tenney: I took it all as negative because I asked a question and 20 other things were said while no one even addressed my question.

Wingert: I’ll be honest. a lot of people on discussion have no lives. they eat, sleep, breathe discussion so being condescending or demeaning is a form of entertainment to them

Tesnow: I knew it was a simple fix. Instead, I was getting lectured.

Jacobos: This is true, gambl0re

Ganley: It literally was 3 words. hue

Revord: Pod, yes, thank you. what did you change, i dont find the change from my first sight

Timber: Debugging wil lbe the death of me.

Novitski: Wingert: if you have such little regard for us, why are you here? Marge Simpson in therapy again?

Fissori: Boogieidm: issue being, you’d be at this juncture again and again, can we fish for you? sure, is that going to help you catch fishes? nope

Pod: Lumidee, I added #navigation {margin: 0; padding: 0;} rule

Filipovich: Join for 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 5v5

Wingert: Not all of you, some of you.

Speake: Lumidee,

Wingert: Theres a guy named Aeyrix in #rubyonrails and all he does he make smart *** remarks.

Slotemaker: Perform a css reset and then add padding to the h1

Muczynski: Fissori This is true. But, I’m a good self teacher. If I was just told what I’m doing wrong, I could have taught myself something from it. Maybe that’s just me, but it’s how I learn.

Pod: Riston,

Estaban: Though I’m also very new to CSS and HTML so i’m not sure if that’s the best way to do t.

Skees: Someone experienced -your opinions, please?

Novitski: Wingert: not being part of the ruby community, the only thing i’ve ever heard about the rails community specifically is how downright terrible it is

Novitski: Dunham: i tend not to use resets/normalizes unless a library i’m using does it. doing it all from scratch is a pain in the ****

Doskocil: Is this a css website making discussion?

Novitski: Wolfz: read the /topic

Fissori: Boogieidm: bear in mind that “off” or “not working” or “proper” are relative terms, we cannot know what “not working” means unless we know what “working” means, and many folks make the mistake to ***ume, somehow we know what they’re doing, when it could be, who knows

Novitski: Boogieidm: so, to Fissori’s point, you’re frequently going to get questions, sometimes/often rapid-fire because discussion is asynchronous. they aren’t questioning your skill or decisions, just looking for clarification

Vreeland: I definitely understand that.It just never seems like that.

Fissori: Boogieidm: reason why I ask folks for a picture of their design sheet or mockup, so I can see what they’re trying to accomplish, and sometimes on their mockup page, to “fix” it, the first then I do is hose all css in it, and only keep the html, since it’s quicker often times