Thanks, dcr and.

Shehee: TheMentalist, are you redirecting anywhere else? like in .htaccess or something?

Stansel: The only input I’ve actually had is to redirect the domain to the above subdomain through cPanel

Keenum: Which, I ***ume, does its redirection through editing the .htaccess

Mihaila: I’ve got no way of accessing the domain, or what I ***ume is the separate installation on

Carrigan: TheMentalist: can’t you do web forwarding directly from the domain registrar and avoid this whole fake hosting fiasco?

Shehee: Yeah, fasthosts do web aliasing pretty nicely

Arenivar: I’m not sure, sterndata. My involvement was just to replace their hosting, which implied that they hadn’t found a way to fix the problem

Pearsall: But I’ll look into that if you think that’d be a better solution :

Camano: Once on site, what is the URL supposed to be, TheMentalist

Tribble: Sterndata, should redirect to

Bramel: And seems to do so correctly, but then throws up errors when navigating directories within that site

Shamapande: Like anything on the navbar

Bisker: Although, as I said, it all works intermittently

Specchio: Ain’t gonna work, TheMentalist.

Redican: What’s the key problem? I’m just trying to understand what the issue is a little

Getchman: As my experience of redirecting sites to eachother before has been fairly straightforward

Kjergaard: Once you get to the site, you need to use the domain as specified in the site_url option.

Shehee: The point is’re not domain’re 301 redirecting

Brouillette: I’m not sure I follow. What about this have I got wrong: the domain points to the subdomain, and, once on the subdomain, clicking links on the site should just open them within that subdomain and should no longer care about how the user was redirected there. Obviously that’s not the case, but I’m not sure which bit I’m getting wrong :

Shehee: So the user will always end up at

Mortensen: Right, I need to learn a little more about what that actually entails as opposed to aliasing, clearly :

Harvley: So whenever they’re clicking around on, what’s actually happening that’s problematic? Intuitively, it seems like they’d be ‘free’ of the redirection stuff once on the actual subdomain

Leverenz: So is the 70 pounds/year a big deal? :-

Jurs: And just host it where the domain points?

Morgon: I’m not sure, sterndata : Sadly I’m the person who seems to know the most about what’s going on, and I’m not at all involved. Nor do I have a great understanding of the problem :

Schnitz: If they’re a non-profit, they may be able to find discounts are quality hosts, too.

Jacobs: Thanks for the tip, I’ll p*** that on

Ehorn: And thanks for the help, sterndata and dcr :

Mackaman: I know that it’s that way for US hosts. there must be something similar from one of the majors in the UK

Beadles: Follow-up question sorry, I’ve disabled the redirection entirely so the site is no longer a factor, as far as I can tell, but the subdomain site doesn’t seem to be working by itself. Is that a separate issue which implies that the installation there is dodgy?

Hornlein: Trying to login, for example, redirects to

Bergum: So, from what I can tell, that has Elenbaas to do with the overly-complex redirection stuff we talked about earlier? Or maybe it does.

Shehee: It does.check your url settings for both the site and home urls

Slota: I can’t actually access the stuff on i.e. myself, so I’ll have to p*** that on. But good to know that I hadn’t caused an extra problem :

Shehee: You can do it directly in wp-config.php

Bedlion: Http://

Gunther: Thanks, dcr and opsec