Boogieidm: some folks.

Fissori: Dunham: the use of a framework is not a bad thing, nope, issue is, many folks use it without knowing the language, and then when they need to fix or customize something, they dunno because they dunno the langauge, all they know is the framework UI, and within those UI constraints and allowed customizing, the frameworks work, outside those constraints, they do not

Wingert: I told you to put center around the image

Wingert: Then that other guy dismissed my solution

Mesmer: And that is old and I don’t want to use outdated techniques. I am just learning, after all.

Novitski: Wingert: center has been deprecated for quite a while, unfortunately

Backen: I need to learn the newest ways so that I can stay current.

Porten: Fissori, ah, I see – the same problem exists with game development unfortunately :/

Wingert: So whats the modern way of centering images?

Novitski: Boogieidm: did what Hagmann say not help?

Schange: Wingert, CSS horizontal centering:

Novitski: Boogieidm: also Favorite was helping you as well

Spruel: No, because they were all auto aligned left. Since they are all under the same cl***, I tried text-align: right and got what you’d think. They all aligned to the right.

Casillas: So then I did center.

Wingert: Text-align: center and margin: 0 ?

Firlik: Just text-align: center; no need for anything els.e

Novitski: Wingert: it depends on whether it is block or inline, which is what the article the bot mentioned explains

Vittum: Honestly, I feel like Botstrap complicates something that would have been simple.

Novitski: Boogieidm: so don’t use it. try something else

Sulin: Novitski, CSS libraries can cut down dev time and reduce headaches. Bootstrap: Foundation: Semantic: Pure: Bourbon:

Morgano: I could see where once I knew it, it could help a lot tho. I think I will forgo using it, for now.

Wingert: Bootstrap is the best thing that ever happened to the internet

Novitski: Wingert: if you say so

Gatten: But I’m just following a course. It was a conscious effort to use Bootstrap.

Fissori: Also you could have a display: inline; float: left; on an element, and text-align wouldn’t make much headway either, so, it works, sure, within a context

Wingert: You dont need a course to learn bootstrap. you can learn it in an hour or two

Wingert: Thats if you already know html/css

Fissori: Wingert bootstrap is the best thing that ever happened to the internet —- codeacademy student, obviously =

Siwik: I have all the links and recommendations you guys gave me opened in other tabs. For the help that I did get, I thank you very much.

Pod: Lumidee, do you want this? :

Borra: I apologize if I ever came off as an ***hole, but I treat people how I am treated and I have a great nose for people being condescending.

Pod: Lumidee, do you want this? :

Novitski: Boogieidm: you’ll also continue getting help in the future if you don’t complain about getting help

Amlin: I never complained about the help from the start

Deschene: I complained that no one was helping me by just telling me over and over that I don’t know CSS.

Novitski: Boogieidm: where were you being condescended to?

Blomme: That’s literally why I came here. I don’t know CSS and I’m learning.

Delbert: Every time I come here ok sushi makes smart *** remarks when I ask a question.

Novitski: I’m looking at the log here, and i don’t see where you were told you don’t know css over and over

Freundlich: I mean every time I come here it’s what he tells me.

Fissori: Boogieidm: some folks get that way here, understandable, but bear in mind that, DaVinci only used a palette and a paintbrush, and you can find those even today, for very cheap, now, just because you have a palette and a paintbrush, that won’t make you a Mona Lisa though, so the tools are good for automating things, but if you dunno the field, they won’t be much recourse