BOGO, Please try to keep.

Caslin: Mllie: and those typesetting rules apply to all inline-level elements, and in this case, the divs are inline-block, meaning, they’re blocks but with “inliness”

Madler: Side_FX:

Lodrigue: Side_FX,

Whited: Bprompt: thanks, it worked!

Dragg: Anyone good with bootstrap here?

Brzuchalski: Not as good as the people in ##bootstrap :

Hindsman: With http2 we will have page-specific stylesheets back soon 😀

Borozny: Wow, I can actually leave my very own sites like that

Joki: Trying to chain selectors, dunno why it’s not working:

Brzuchalski: Generally form elements can’t have psuedoelements

Schaub: Just came up with a neat trick, found that my SVG logotype text was taking a while to paint in the DOM.

Boteilho: So I’ve positioned it translate3d by default at -1000px, and animate it to 0px via a timeout in JS :

Baghdasarian: If you look at the page at the bottom

Bisbee: I cant get the dam thing to line up

Norbury: I had it in a table but the validation tool threw it out

Mccraven: So I have it in DIV’s

Rosenblum: Anyone able to help a brotha out

Kurihara: BOGO # first, please, Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line – don’t use the “Enter” key as punctuation!

Veneman: BOGO: second. if you’re using float, the right needs to come before the left. so i don’t recommend float for this

Veneman: Why do you want two columns there? the extra whitespace makes it easy for the eye to miss which row they’re on

Tashman: If i have an item that is 300px wide, a div lets say, and I have a text in it that is 400px cand causes it to wrap to the next line. How can I make it just cut off at the end?

Tashman: Hmm with white-space: nowrap; i have now stopped the wrapping, but the text exceeds the boundaries now, so I try overflow:hidden, but now you cant select or see the text. hmm

Veneman: Tashman: text-overflow

Tashman: Will that work better than white-space: no wrap?

Veneman: You have to have both

Tashman: Now my page is *****ed so have to find why lol

Querta: So what do you think I need to do?

Dsouza: Http://

Lorber: BOGO: to accomplish what?

Castor: Http://

Mestanza: That is the code on the page

Plaisance: I cant get them to line up. It looks right on chrome but if you look at it on IE they are not

Tashman: Veneman, hmm text-overflow isnt doing anything

Tashman: Hmm i need white-space:nowrap, max-width: 270px; text-overflow:ellipsis; and overflow:hidden; all to do what i want lol

Ruberti: Http:// is what I am working on. I have tried and tried to get it to line up but it just wont

Disano: The contact us at the bottom of the page

Pries: BOGO: studio # & cohort?

Haddenham: Not for nothing, complete sentences are useful

Chesner: BOGO, float tutorials:,

Teravainen: BOGO: good candidate for a dl, also

Raitz: I say complete sentences are good and you reply with ‘?’? :p

Hunkin: I have it listed above pastebins. I had it in table before but

Keville: So what? I changed it to meet validation

Nesler: Are you talking to me, bro?

Ellett: Or just typing random things

Mathurin: I am trying to get everything to work nicely

Degasperis: That is what I am doing here

Ludvik: BOGO, Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line – don’t use the “Enter” key as punctuation!