Nesoi: the wp constants i.

Blore: Guys, I’ve been running circles trying to get this plugin to save settings. I’m sure I’m just missing something simple. A second pair of eyes would really be appreciated:

Degroff: This ONE time i was on my buddy’s comp

Degroff: I remoted in ssh and created it with vim heh

Degroff: I’m not late on any deadlines tho. so just personal anguish. HOWEVER i do appreciate the care and concern LindsayMac to further reitterate to myself this lesson learned 😀 😀

Doscher: Well. to fix it write your code. like fully write it out and use comments. If you’re still stuck then come back and ping me

Degroff: I’m double checking that no images have same names they are in diff folders and i should have everything ready to load in just a moment so i’m at least happy abotu that

Degroff: But yes i’m gonna come back here with gloves on if i can’t get my normal import to work

Arjune: Hmmm why would doing a var_dump on a string return results but return returns nothing

Hersey: I know its probably some type of OB

Helbing: But wait. hmm its a $_POST

Coyne: I want to configure wordpress on an existing site without taking it down, and then move it from /wp to /. what’s the easiest way to do that ie: using plugins perhaps, etc.

Mcculla: No one has an idea, or is it a dumb question?

Pardon: Kind of a ridiculous request

Nordeen: Nesoi: very easy, use the built in constants in wp-config.php

Koerper: I thought there were tools that allowed that to be done easily, without manually editing all the URLs, etc.

Nordeen: Nesoi: there are, it’s very simple.

Nordeen: Nesoi:

Nordeen: That goes in your wp-config.php just above “That’s all.”

Nordeen: Then reload the site, change the values to match the site you want to load, move the files/db to the new location, refresh the site.

Nordeen: Develop the site with relative links on top of that and no need to fix broken images, etc as well

Hurlock: What do you do to refresh the site after moving it?

Carlyle: The procedure here is a lot more involved:

Kampfer: So I was hoping to find a way to avoid having to do all that

Hirons: Opsec: are you saying that all those steps in that codex page are not necessary?

Nordeen: Nesoi: that’s indeed what i’m saying.

Nordeen: Tar or zip the do***entroot, dump the database, move the files to the new host, create an empty db container, import the dump into it, edit wp-config.php, refresh site.

Mckillip: I cant get things to line up

Raulston: BOGO: Please use the built-in Developer Tools of your browser to fix problems with your website. Right click your page and pick “Inspect Element” Cr, FF, Op or press F12-button IE to track down CSS problems. Use the console to see JavaScript bugs.

Barlett: Opsec: you seemed to be saying that the files could just be copied over to /.

Dilleshaw: I have it what I feel is right

Stecklein: However it does not look right in the IE view

Nordeen: Nesoi: do it all the time.

Gurecki: Anyone seen this – wordpress-sites-to-infect-visitors/">

Rabinowitz: The contact us at the bottom just will not line up

Geoghegan: Opsec: so what’s the reason for dumping and restoring the database?

Nordeen: Nesoi: that’s if you’re moving it to another server

Nordeen: Nesoi: if you’re not, disregard that step

Caul: Opsec: cool. so if I just move the files from /wp to / what else do I have to do?

Nordeen: Nesoi: Edwin, but make sure to develop with relative links so you don’t have a headache later

Nordeen: Nesoi: the wp constants i pasted should do it