R00dkc4b_, do you want this.

Veneman: BOGO: i already told you what to do to solve this

Jhonston: OK did not see it, what did you tell me?

Veneman: BOGO: second. if you’re using float, the right needs to come before the left. so i don’t recommend float for this

Veneman: Why do you want two columns there? the extra whitespace makes it easy for the eye to miss which row they’re on

Veneman: BOGO: and as reisio said, use a dl element for best markup

Polino: And as Veneman said, pay attention :p

Arfman: I dont have any float in the code

Torrell: OK where? I dont know where you would want me to

Keown: BOGO: you read the float tutorial link?

Worobel: The one link does not work.

Naranjo: You’re killing me man

Osika: Http://css.maxdesign.com.au/floatutorial/ works fine

Veneman: BOGO: float:right – cl*** right. are you blind?

Oshell: BOGO, Chrome: https://developer.chrome.com/devtools :: Firefox: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools :: Safari: http://bit.ly/1rivUXd :: IE: http://bit.ly/1qbxkT5

Pam: BOGO, that’s pretty meta. You’ve lost your connection to the collective?

Bruchman: Wow you guys dont need to insult people

Liberati: I am looking at the links

Pam: That wasn’t insulting, that was a joke.

Swanzy: Well it does not work in text only

Pam: What? I found someone! Someone who hasn’t seen Star Trek.

Pam: Reisio, the wontons were pretty good. Not heavenly, but good.

Louch: You live nearer to Seattle than me, you ****

Langhans: Seattle’s better than I thought it’d be

Boyack: But I still haven’t been to Vancouver, so can’t compare

Pam: I live closer? I still have to drive 3.5h

Pam: And I was out there for something else anyway. 😛 Driving over to Seattle just for wontons would be odd.

Zarco: 4.5 hours is longer, anyway :p

Dionisopoulos: OK I did some changes, but still not lining up

Veneman: BOGO: what did you change? do we have to guess?

Mazzarino: Statistically, I’m guessing yes

Veneman: Reisio: no guessing, this is exact science

Pam: Reisio, I made some stamps while I was out there last time. Laser engraved some linoleum. The pre-PVC stuff.

Llanes: I put the float in for both of them

Surra: And nothing has changed

Veneman: BOGO: you realize that turning all “div.right” into “float: left” is really not the right thing to do, right?

Veneman: No, something DID change. they’re on the left now

Orona: Correct they are that now

Veneman: So it wasn’t “nothing”.

Veneman: It helps us to help you when you are precise with your descriptions

Madera: Want to look them like equal lines

Veneman: As i asked earlier: why do you want them to be in columns?

Arlotta: Because I want them to line up

Salmond: IE I want the email address link and the phone to line up

Veneman: And i further explained that having large gaps between a label and its corresponding value makes it difficult to connect the two

Yara: OK so then what do you suggest I change it to?

Veneman: Put them next to each other. or, honestly, having the label above and the value below seems to work well

Chenauls: But I want them to look sort of like a UL

Veneman: So put them in a ul then

Pulkrabek: Can this be done in css? 2 pictures of the same size on a single div overlapping each other. The upper pic has solid to transparent fading so we can see some parts of thew lower pic.

Lodrigue: R00dkc4b_, do you want this? : http://www.magyarmenedek.com/vegyes/snapshot22.html