Besides I added the only.

Canepa: Can i insert something with pseido cl***es that resets the flow?

Balfour: Fleetfox: you’re not clear to me on what you want

Gudino: Tinytoast:

Jaworowski: I want it to look like this

Gotthelf: Is that possible, or is it the question not clear?

Dresch: Fleetfox: your layout really doesn’t make any sense as to what you’re trying to do and i’m sure if you made it more clear you could get a better solution from this channel

Caughman: Tinytoast, people still use webdevout? 😛

Tulino: AMcBain: what less features? it’s got a few windows for code and one for the result

Fetterolf: Tinytoast, and, in case we’re working on puns, it does indeed feature LESS support but it requires requisite knowledge to turn it on.

Toplin: Tinytoast: I’m “tiling” elements of different width with float. Some of them are 2 column wide, some 3. Height is arbitrary. When narrower element precedes wider element i want to reset the flow, so it starts at new row. display inline is not an option.

Mincy: Fleetfox: it sounds like you need to be using masonry javascript because otherwise what you’re trying to do in css won’t happen

Hughart: I don’t need to tile vertically

Wilsey: Just start the next row from beginning. Not possible?

Hebrank: Not with float and arbitrary heights. have a look at this then

Eros: Looks like what i need, thanks

Boileau: Tinytoast, you’re also free to clone it and pare it back some more. I started with the basic complaint that webdevout didn’t have tab support outside of Tab In Textarea/Tabinta for Firefox.

Turbyfill: Then fixed the problem with JSfiddle: people not saving before posting and going “Why don’t you see anything?”

Kudley: AMcBain: oh i’m not going to give too much of my precious free time to this channel but thanks for the offer :

Vrable: I would if i was more invested

Sarwinski: You’re not tinystoat? or?

Kachikian: I’m arbitrarily here for my own amusement :

Suozzo: Well you don’t have to clone it to use it; it’s not like my live install is going away.

Wilcox: I do take suggestions, which I may get around to.

Mceniry: AMcBain: i will be happy to make that if anything comes up

Gorski: Actually can you make Osaki allow the use of mq for media queries?

Sult: AMcBain,

Huret: Yeah that would be nice

Knknown: Set/a mq = media queries

Cannatella: AMcBain,

Clouser: If you were going to be here more often I could probably add you to the whitelist. I doubt you’d go and trash it all.

Steese: Thank you. i am still pretty unfamiliar with the bot as well but it’s nice to have something quick and easy to type and remember as well :

Misko: It does have a help page.

Kahele: AMcBain, For information on how to use me, see • Also see factoids

Frizzle: Jesus who would trash the bot?

Svancara: I dunno, but in another channel that lets anyone who has been around long enough and is in a channel with it change stuff has some stuff removed that was funny or occasionally useful.

Danchetz: This is just sort of a preventative considering that people do come in and do a rampage rarely just to be a ****.

Cochenour: I hate that. good information needs to be available.

Diener: Even if in humorous format

Juliar: I’ve considered adding stuff to the bot so you can get random responses and variable fill ins but then remembered it’s not worth it. :

Siddle: Besides I added the only important random response we’ll ever need as a non-factoid hard-coded feature: