I can select c, or b..

Wigren: You would need to create elements

Courington: Thats what i was afraid of

Vasso: What does it mean for a css query to say “only screen ”

Ishihara: Not a very lively channel today

Pampusch: Im trying to make this using only css3

Cowell: Http://imgur.com/w9hhMo1

Begley: Can anyone help me aligning the texts?

Baugher: And here is my work http://lifeto.cafe24.com/xe/today#

Wasurick: How do i make the text “powered by XE’ go up so that it stays in line with the ‘X’ image here? http://lifeto.cafe24.com/xe/

Coney: Am I missing something? Say I have html like this .navbar-nav li a . Bootstrap has this with 15px padding. But if I put a cl***=”menu__link” and do .menu__link { padding: 0 }; why does it still get 15px padding? My cl*** is at the bottom of the stylesheet

Highberger: But according to inspector, the bootstrap .navbar-nav li a { padding: 15px } is first!

Fenton: Pistachio: specificity

Plesnarski: Pistachio, CSS Specificity • Tutorials: http://www.stuffandnonsense.co.uk/archives/css_specificity_wars.html , http://htmldog.com/guides/cssadvanced/specificity/ • Spec: http://w3.org/TR/CSS21/cascade.html#specificity • Graph yours: http://jon***ebastianohlsson.com/specificity-graph/

Pelino: I’m terrible at CSS, and I ***umed BEM style would help me, and I guess it does, but bootstrap seems to mess it all up

Fenton: Learning about specificity is kinda crucial

Tauteoli: Yeah I get that, and I know a little about it not how it would completely ignore a cl***, but I was hoping to, with BEM, to avoid exactly that 😛

Wigren: Pistachio: it’s not ignoring it. the cl*** is not specific enough

Zander: Everything being specific, reisio. .profile-address .profile-address_street .profile-username .profile-username–bold

Vanvalkenbur: Html can look a bit wild at times, but it really does make everything much easier to work with

Enns: I was reading a CSS stylesheet called normalize.css and noticed this rule:

Panagis: Hidden { display: none; }

Hedlund: I’ve never seen a rule name that began and ended with square brackets before.

Luskey: What does it mean when a whole rule name is just wrapped in square brackets like this? I can’t find any info like this.

Fenton: Alanjf: it’s called an “attribute selector” — in this case, selecting anything with an attribute of ‘hidden’

Wigley: I also noticed in several different editors don’t syntax highlight it, so I wonder if it’s rather new?

Hamlet: Hi, I need to override the padding: 3px 20px in .dropdown-menulia . I tried adding a different cl*** with different padding to the a element but nothing changes. Can someone help me find what I’m doing wrong ?

Noakes: Is there a way to select an element that has only one of two cl***es not both? some elements have short and long and some just have long, I want to select just the long only elements.

Fenton: Tinajohnson: make sure your selector is more specific than the original one

Leinbach: Why i cant center of the 0 in the button can you give me advice? https://jsfiddle.net/0wy6zgsu/79/

Gustave: Hellyeah: you’re trying center something inside of something else and you have display: none; on it?

Salin: Actually i have margin: 0 auto;

Silleman: I may forget to update fiddle

Drabicki: Here https://jsfiddle.net/0wy6zgsu/80/

Badlam: Hmm should i need to append number instead of giving in text function

Hinchee: Hellyeah: you need to read this link about how to center things right now this is super basic css

Egelston: Hellyeah, CSS horizontal centering: http://dorward.me.uk/www/centre/

Bisson: Unfortunately this is not accesible here

Shackford: Any othjer link you can give me

Cane: Https://jsfiddle.net/hf3uqm1g/ can i make c drop under a, if can select b?

Leuhring: What about this https://css-tricks.com/centering-css-complete-guide/ü

Rhodus: What about this https://css-tricks.com/centering-css-complete-guide/

Slocomb: I can select c, or b. height is not fixed thoug