AMcBain, Resources to help.

Janowski: Is this feature the most important ever?

Bienenstock: AMcBain, Signs point to yes.

Goonez: Hellyeah: you finally learn some basic css on how to center?

Teklu: It doesnt effect anything 😮

Chesterfield: That was my last effort with you. you really don’t care what you’re doing

Brevil: AMcBain: i’m glad you made your pastebin like webdev’s. it’s all i need when helping somebody and it’s not insane. thanks for not going the jfiddle route. that site makes me nuts

Baeza: Hellyeah: no it’s honest and true

Brandauer: If you think like that thats fine

Graminski: Tinytoast, codepen is also really slow here when I open Firebug.

Trochesset: Hellyeah: especially the fact that it’s true. you come in here every day asking about stuff that is basic css and you don’t bother to learn any of it. why do you think all of the regulars in this channel ignore you?

Lillard: Tinytoast, I do kinda wish I could have done an incremental publish like WebDevout/JSFiddle but I decided working that out would be too complex so everything just stays mutable unless forked to start a new mutable copy.

Roegge: AMcBain: i won’t help anybody if they insist on that site as well. it’s bloated and bogged down as well yeah. i’m pretty frustrated with most pastebins so i’m happy you stuck to webdev’s simple and useful functions. thank you for not being another problem on the net :

Perches: It’s rare so thank you again :

Mccoy: Yeah keep everything a fork. one day i might actually bother to help or something

Tristan: The code is rather simple too. By the way if :last-child doesn’t work on the body, it’s because that’s where the toolbar resides. Just add ?0 to the end ?whatever probably works too of the view-only page.

Guaman: It removes the toolbar.

Czaplinski: Tinytoast: thats enough if you dont want to help dont help

Pancho: I’d stick that outside the body to fix but I like that the page validates by default.

Daguio: Hellyeah: yeah don’t worry i’m part of a long list of people who will watch you and do nothing because you don’t want to learn anything about what you’re doing

Luongo: Tinytoast: what you expect me to say i understand

Bride: And i’ll make sure in future i never bother with you again. funny i remember somebody else in here having a go at you as well but you really are pretty stubborn.

Holzner: AMcBain: i’m not familiar with what you’re talking about.

Bonuz: Tinytoast: thats right i fount this css and copy and paste from somewhere

Vates: Tinytoast, Compare:

Olivarres: AMcBain: ah right i haven’t used :last-child on the body in a long time but hopefully i’ll remember that caveat :

Nevin: That can be bad thats my code

Fulk: Tinytoast, yeah I meant at the body level. it’s not a big deal I think. Also if you add /*LESS*/ as the first line in the CSS tab it’ll do client-side LESS translation for you.

Lill: It reminds you by changing the tab text to say LESS instead of CSS.

Irigoyen: I decided I use it enough for work I may as well build in a way to show it off.

Ost: Show off short snippets with it*

Bollozos: But I made the UI too simplistic to put in a toggle, so that’s how it sneaks in. 😛

Alba: AMcBain: okay i see what you mean now thank for the links to compare

Secore: I doubt it’s a huge problem so whatever :

Dinicola: Hi guys I am learning to code

Cucvas: Want to learn css , know basics but its little confusing at times

Holizna: I am watching tutorials / reading forums , just wanted to ask you guys , whats the fastest way to practice / learn creating layouts and responsive designs

Kaye: AMcBain, Resources to help you get started: