As in the top right of the.

Pereda: Okusushi I’m aware how to use chromes dev tools lol

Igoe: Veneman: why is it only some browsers though?

Veneman: Which browsers don’t? because they’re wrong

Fujiwara: Not sure which browsers, maybe instances is a better word

Vaghn: I see white text, friend sees blue text, mobile is a 50/50

Veneman: Okay, well, you’ll have to figure out what’s different between those. or you can just fix it

Veneman: Also, is a:visited defined? as white perhaps?

Jaso: Yeah I’ll fix it, just curious as to why it’s being weird

Worell: How do i join an element and a cl***?

Klatt: Two cl***es would be cl***.cl***

Rothenberger: How do you disable dragging an image?

Overly: DragonPunch: what do you mean?

Hessey: Giraffe_:***Name {…}

Teranishi: Http:// managed to improve dragging tabs across. Active tab still doesn’t appear over the border below though. Active tab is white, it’s supposed to go over the border. any ideas?

Whilden: Because its causing a big ux issue right now

Veneman: Did you try what _B_A_T_M_A_N_ suggested in ##javascript?

Hospkins: Utils: you need to remove the ‘overflow: hidden’ from the parent ul

Veneman: Also, don’t crosspost

Veneman: _B_A_T_M_A_N_: sorry, crossposting issue

Skomsky: Yeah that makes it work

Veneman: Https://

Olexa: Oksushi_: ooo right. overflow-y: hidden; doesn’t really have the desired effect either. the idea is that the tabs will stay horizontal on the same “row”, that’s why I did the overflow: hidden;

Arcilla: Although. i have a feeling the 3rd tab falls below anyway. bleh.

Celestin: Utils:

Beske: You cannot use white-space: nowrap; on floated elements

Sandri: They need to be inline in this case, inline-block

Lese: Oh. i thought i had them as inline-block. i’ve done too much messing around.

Schwarcz: I think i can get somewhere now though thanks

Bachner: Http:// – Could somebody suggest what I could do to fix the code, so the text is to the right of the image, with a spacing of 32/64px?

Ceruantes: Hi. I have a div and I set style=”transform: scale3d2,2,2″. Surely it’s scaled but its children aren’t?

Eddins: CTCB: remove the float: left; from #TeamAreaR, replace with ‘overflow: hidden’

Dusch: Panda81, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Surita: Eddins: Thanks for that – while I’m working on the Team Page, I was wondering how I could make the word “Portfolio” be in line with the name? At the moment it’s floaty, like superscript.

Eddins: CTCB: but IIWY, I would work on improving the semantic value of the HTML – right now you just have div for everything, which is semantically meaningless

Lavern: Oh I got the scale3d2,2,2 working for children. However, all texts and images are blurry. They aren’t re-rendered for the 2x resolution

Goldhorn: For example, I have texts wrapped in div style=”width: 362px; transform: .” I must adjust the width for every single one?

Ron: Eddins:

Stacker: Why does that happen? At the bottom of the page

Zager: I presumed that the combined div included the image, too, and not just the text.

Frink: Anyone know if there’s any practical difference with bootstrap 4 right now?

Gillaspie: Http:// – Those two words “Test” near the logo, in the divs, I’m trying to position it in the Top Right, with an 8px Gap at the top / right edge.

Majure: As in the top right of the page, not the logo.