He was here yesterday and.

Beau: Not counting what bind does with more arguments

Offen: Havvy: yeah, doesnt make sense. considering every method call from objRef works perfectly until it’s used with an eventlistener

Offen: But then again, it’s like 4am

Dollard: When you p*** a function, you lose which object it was on.

Muehlberger: I’m not sure if cl*** methods are automatically bound to their instance or not.

Offen: I need sleep. I dont understand anything anymore

Riel: But from the behavior you described, it looks like it’s not bound.

Offen: Thanks for fixing the problem then, I’ll have to read more on it when I wake up

Burtschi: Vining: http://jsfiddle.net/z9tec42b/1/

Sancedo: Vining: http://jsfiddle.net/z9tec42b/3/

Vining: Xatenev: I uploaded it to my server, cleared my chache, and attempted to add another list item and it didn’t work. Thaks for the suggestions, though. I’ll keep studying what you gave me and see if it will help

Vining: The code from http://jsfiddle.net/z9tec42b/3/

Gouge: Vining: I guess you didnt change the HTML

Vining: Oh, lol. didn’t notice that change ;

Vining: It’s late. maybe I should do my homework tomorrow ;

Dallis: Early in the morning here :

Cudan: Lunch is only 1.5hr away here!

Vining: Thanks so much Xatenev! Now I just need to study it more before I submit it for credit. I wanna actually understand what I did wrong and learn how to do it right myself

Howery: Vining: ya, remember to give it better names though

Laport: Id=”myButton” is rly bad

Vining: Luckily it’s not due til sunday night online cl***

Vining: Yeah, I’ll make it my own code. I just wanted to figure out what I was missing. Now that I have it I can compare what I had to what you gave me and I can learn from there.

Vining: Again, thanks so much for your help, Xatenev :

Myerscough: Who wants to talk in private about what i spoke of

Myerscough: I get out of here in 2 days

Myerscough: Im shopping for my chick

Myerscough: I found a chinese swap meet

Myerscough: Spend 20 and the world is hers

Myerscough: I got a new dash cam and a

Myerscough: Http://www.ebay.com/itm/251779150802

Weipert: Man I sure wish dashcams wouldn’t be such a h***le here :/

Myerscough: Its a fine cam too i had a worse one

Vining: Xatenev: everything works fine after I cleaned it up a bit and changed the variable names. Do the names look okay to you, or do you have any suggestions for more appropriate names?

Vining: Https://jsfiddle.net/erfomsv2/

Myerscough: Http://www.ebay.com/itm/262013136700

Vining: I get what I did wrong and I think I’m ready to submit it

Myerscough: Anywas i was shopping fo my girl

Breakey: In line 117 of the source of http://vnjs.net/www/project/freewall/example/nested-grid.html ; what does that do? if there are no items in bricks then ***ign bricks to what.?

Myerscough: Noones clicking your random links man

Deshields: Myerscough, that is the js lib freewall

Myerscough: I used godwill before you were born

Orender: You can search freewall and get to that page via googs

Myerscough: I was just better at social engineering

Myerscough: My list of defacements made kimble pay me more than any other user in YIHAT

Myerscough: Http://zone-h.com/archive/notifier=0ragami

Myerscough: Http://zone-h.com/archive/notifier=Uberlamers

Hankey: What the **** am I reading

Myerscough: Http://zone-h.com/archive/notifier=YIHAT

Shupert: He was here yesterday and spammed as well