Multiple ips would likely.

Cholewinski: This is a private site with no traffic, just used for testing and MainWP that’s why I need to trigger it

Vogeler: Or add to crontab to execute on a set period

Meitz: Fris: does it matter which URL?

Vogeler: You need to give it the url so localhost would be it if thats where its the domain

Ostolaza: Fris: I know, but can I give it any WP page, or does it need to be the cron page, or . ?

Vogeler: wordpress–exec-wordpress-cron-with-real-cron/">Http://–exec-wordpress-cron-with-real-cron/

Vogeler: If yoiu have wp cli you could use wp cron via terminal

Vogeler: Wp cron event run etcetc

Vogeler: Https:// ive used this before

Helena: Good morning every body

Chrisman: So question. I’ve seen a lot of emphasis when doing search-replace with wp-cli and such to make sure in avoiding the guid column, but what if you’re running search-replace to update an actual full on domain change, wouldn’t it be proper to update guid as well to avoid potentially messed up permalinks?

Chrisman: Ah, so what’s the functionality of guid then if it has no relevance on the domain itself? I was just curious as a dry run of search-replace returned a crapton of hits for the one domain match

Chrisman: In the guid column that is

Carlone: Nate:

Chrisman: Much more detailed, gotcha

Stamison: Morning everyone! I am about to upload a CSV to wordpress for the first time in my life.*gulp* and I was wondering if anyone here has done it before who can just guide me through it so I don’t end up having to manually edit like 3000 products haha

Minzy: I got a plugin for CSV importing and I just wanted someone to watch over me so I don’t ***** the headers up essentially.

Stanislawski: CMFDesign: I did not know WordPress could handle products?

Bezak: Well its the woocommerce plugin

Leapheart: That would be #woocommerce then ;

Correa: Hey guys. i had 2 sites hacked today with ‘ugg boot’ links. i had my host restore both sites to 48 hours ago, well before the hack was apparent. but after a few hours they are hacked again ! any ideas on what i should do? immediately after the restore i updated to latest WP and i changed the p***words used very strong p***words.

Arispe: Is it possible the ‘hack’ took place more than 48 hours ago and was dormant until just today?

Duin: Mindpattern: could it be that the FTP credentials are compromised? Could it be from a hacked plugin? have a look at wordpress.php">

Wardlow: Hey, if I want to make a temporary staging URL before getting my real URL, is just changing the ‘WordPress Address’ and ‘Site Address’ under general settings enough?

Pabon: Because I seem to remember you had to do some kind of database migration when switching URLs .

Babick: Anyone had the issue that WordFence is only showing traffic for the ip of the actual box? So all failed logins, blocks, 404 pages etc. are all resolved to the same ip/hostname and therefore user

Babick: It’s causing random lock-outs as all users i think are cl***ed as the same ip

Dunnaway: Are you using nginx or something as a reverse proxy on that box?

Babick: This is on a naff shared hosting. ‘Very Good’ so not 100% on their configuration. Reckon that sort of configuration would do that?

Babick: Ah nice one. Cheers for the heads-up

Dunnaway: Naff shared hosting is sometimes masked by a reverse caching proxy.low resources go a long way when nginx et al are doing their job

Dunnaway: One way to check would be to have a look at the apache log, see if you’re seeing multiple different IP addresses there

Dunnaway: Eddq, you can hit the site and see what the headers returned from the server are.if they’re nginx, varnish then that might be the culprit

Babick: So multiple ips would mean reverse proxy stuff?

Dunnaway: Multiple ips would likely mean I’m incorrect :