C-c: it’s great and a lot.

Danley: Why would I? I’ve no interest in #emmet

Fenton: Gambl0re: it’s off-topic for this channel

Nicome: You’re recommending a channel that has 0 people

Fenton: It’s off-topic for #html as well

Mathies: Gambl0re: better than here

Fenton: Gambl0re: https://github.com/sergeche/emmet-sublime/issues looks like the place to get support

Minicozzi: Thanks okushi. atleast you’re trying to help.

Lavette: Fixed it. thanks again

Krome: Guys, im trying to get that sidemenu bar on the rightside of this page :http://theme.co/x/demo/integrity/1/shortcodes/recent-posts/

Dudding: And apparantly it’s failing. what have i done wrong? http://lifeto.cafe24.com/xe/lessons

Chet: Can anyone give me a hand?

Crumpacker: Https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=http%3A%2F%2Flifeto.cafe24.com%2Fxe%2Flessons some major html errors on that page

Bosowski: I want something that when i start develop on site will auto work on ipad/iphoe

Feick: I left ##frontend no help there

Crumpacker: Its not a help channel, that’s why

Crumpacker: Also webpages do that by default

Rennick: But mine looks messed up

Crumpacker: Fun_Of_It: do you know what media queries are?

Villao: Wigren, To get started with responsive designs: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/responsive-web-design/

Dallesandro: Wigren, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Anchondo: How do i give padding left value on the search form?

Oconnel: Leguin.chat.net is down

Crumpacker: Looks like it still is

Brayer: When i have a button tag in my html, what’s the css property that by default gives it that weird color flipping when i click it

Schopmeyer: If i make a button from scratch should i just use a div or should i use a button

Burleson: I feel like a lot of stuff have to be overwritten with a button

Wigren: Frenchiie: you should use a button, because markup isn’t about how it looks, it’s about what kind of content it is

Wigren: Sorry that it’s now 2 hours later

Bacino: Wigren: yeah i ended up going with the button

Guiterrez: Guys SO elections are up stats on moderators http://elections.stackexchange.com/#stackoverflow

Trippel: How can i make it so that if there is an inline text, like inside a div or a button, that it doesn’t keep getting bigger beyond the point where the actual container stops increasing

Tankxley: I tried font-size: x% and even if the container stops increasing because of a max width/height, the text keeps growing and starts not fitting in the container

Delevik: Is my only choice media query?

Digennaro: Strange how downloading a IE9 virtual machine from microsoft takes 55 minutes on Firefox. But only 15 minutes on IE.

Zincke: Someone able to help me out with this: http://goo.gl/RVyckX I have to center the ‘unknown’

Kawell: I would like to vertical align them

Kawell: But Im not yet out how to do that

Mruczek: What other ways are there to browser test sites? I know OpenShots

Kaas: C-c: https://www.browserling.com/

Kawell: Https://www.browserstack.com/

Cart: Ok so back to basics, table borders. i want one color on border-bottom for tr elements, and another for the border surrounding the entire table. however, the TR border overlaps the TABLE border. http://imgur.com/0k8las7 Any easy fix i am missing?

Cart: I could set border-left and border-right on the table rows. but would prefer a more elegant solution.

Hayden: Tinystoat: ok, havent heard of that one

Mayhan: C-c: it’s great and a lot faster than the other services i’ve used in the past