We just called it ‘doing.

Barks: Bootstrap’ll be even more :p

Hamer: I don’t use bootstrap

Hamer: I use semantic UI, foundation, Materialize, UIkit, def not bootstrap

Larriviere: Meh I am not a designer, im a nub there I freely admit

Sidener: Im an engineer who can lay out css and work it it :

Sikes: You don’t!? then you’re just not fashionable, we can’t do dress-matching now =P

Hamer: Aww, You guys are anti-anti-boostrap arent you

Eraso: Reisio: so how can i use flex on the ::after to center it?

Arruda: Pcfreak30: you could just do position: absolute; right: 0; top: 50%; margin-top: -halfHeightpx;

Whelihan: Hamer: nope, no anti-frameworks, frameworks are good for they do, issue is, some folks use it without taking the time to understand the language, till they run into the framework road-blocks, and then when they ask, they don’t expect a css answer, they expect a framework-specific answer

Hamer: I just don’t like the bootstrap style lol

Elm: I dare say that is wise

Hamer: As a framework I’m sure it’s solid, it’s just the outer style I’m not really into, which is what it’s purpose is as a front-end framework

Hamer: I feel other front-end frameworks are more my style

Gutgesell: Not sure why people are taking cues from a company that sells short blurbs of things nobody wants to read, anyway

Miners: Reisio: -halfHeightpx;?

Sikula: Reisio: thing is im trying to ensure it works on all browsers

Sterlin: Pcfreak30: that’ll work

Bruer: Pcfreak30: so if it’s a 30px tall arrow, you’d want -15px;

Lokuta: Reisio: it has no height set thus flexbox

Lorenzetti: Your arrow has no height?

Tessitore: The arrow is in question, not the td

Rezac: The arrow has a 0 height

Hurde: It was made with border

Chae: No, the arrow has height: 0; set, that’s another matter

Vincente: And -webkit-transform

Geronimo: Anything you can see has a height

Vinegar: So how are you supposed to do a – mergin on 0?

Steigerwalt: How tall is your arrow?

Peluso: So margin-top: -15px;

Trickett: Td.vit { position: relative; } td.vit:after { position: absolute; right: 0; top: 50%; margin-top: -15px; }

Dezalia: May have to override/remove other things in the td.vit:after rule

Stowe: How could you do it with flex?

Nypaver: Flex doesn’t do much that you can’t already do with older, better supported things

Saffer: The code I described has worked for that, since

Biddick: I don’t know, maybe IE5

Tardiff: Which is of course irrelevant at this point

Cockrill: But IE8 & 9 aren’t, alas

Eget: And they don’t support flexbox

Towse: 10/11 do and my client is fine with that

Arcement: Seems you’re going to extra effort to use code that works in fewer UAs :

Willow: Wouldn’t the opposite make more sense?

Markiewicz: Or are you just trying to learn flexbox because you have the opportunity

Lauriano: Reisio: trying to use something that will show the same in all browsers

Wlodarek: I just got done saying what I gave you will not only show the same in all browsers, but more browsers than any flexbox solution.

Uyehara: The only sane reason I can think of for continuing to pursue flexbox is just for personal education, for a future when flexbox is better supported, or even more non-irrelevant

Lindhorst: Reisio: woudnt that margin have issues with being responsive?

Derx: Been at this since before we had ‘responsive’

Trumpp: We just called it ‘doing things correctly’ back then