A pseudo element with hsla.

Endsley: Anyone use the HTML-CSS-JS Prettyfy plugin for Sublime? I need help with settings.

Celentano: Jen_: got a css question?

Pruitt: My code is beautiful by nature

Barresi: Tinytoast: hey there

Araque: Anything looks wrong here cause overflow not working at firefox: .carousel-inner .item img, .carousel-inner .item a img { width: 100%; min-height: 193px; max-height: 193px; overflow: hidden; }

Macura: Codytr: don’t call out people to help you in a volunteer channel. also for future i don’t ***ist with slide shows because i don’t want to support that kind of useless technology on sites.

Garick: Tinytoast: 1 I didn’t call out you to help. second line was to channel.

Sgueglia: Codytr: you just did.

Baskerville: No I said hey cause we talk yesterday aswell

Kurelko: Codytr: ah sorry you were saying hello. my bad :

Beckmann: For a simple blog-like design, I used .menu ul li {display: inline} to achieve a horizontal menu. I do not see how this is achieved here: http://oktatok.karolyrobert.hu/buday.gergely/

Culkin: Is there a way to force dd to not overflow into a new line ?

Dasilua: Dd == definition lists

Newhouse: Zeroquake, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Skog: For a simple blog-like design, I used .menu ul li {display: inline} to achieve a horizontal menu, instead of the default vertical list. I do not see how this is achieved here: http://oktatok.karolyrobert.hu/buday.gergely/ Can you explain?

Beckley: Xvzf_: this is super basic css and html that you’re going to need to learn for styling a page.

Smee: Xvzf_, Resources to help you get started: http://hashcss.com/schools/

Dullen: Hi guys. can I make text, slowly dissapear ‘gradiant’ as it reaches the border of an element? . so like the image fades to white.

Castanada: Or is that super complex ;

Leisure: I have an element right now that auto scrolls some data. and instead of it just dissapearing at the border. I want it to fade out

Deischer: Though only webkit based browsers + chrome offer this

Searfoss: Also you may use an inverse approach – is the background to which it fades in front a complex background? or a solid one?

Ruchti: Hi guys, is it possible, if I have an absolute div, to make it not smaller nor larger than it’s content?

Turiano: Because you may just overlay the background then – sure, the text won’t be that selectable anymore, but when it is decorative, hmmm

Debell: Zagaza-: display: block on the div?

Bursey: Actually its not just text. its text inside boxes . with background colors . like blue .

Miscovich: I want all of it to face to white. as it nears the edge of the screen/border

Langoni: P3nnyw1se: depending upon what you want to do you can use a pseudo-element

Guillory: Lemondom that don’t work

Turkasz: Zagaza-: I need more info

Latsko: Zagaza-: since it’s out of do***ent flow you need to probably use a parent element that it’s relative to

Goodard: Zagaza-: A fiddle would be nice

Kortum: Guys imagine its something like this: http://etc.usf.edu/te_mac/im/i/startchat7.jpg

Weatherwax: Otherwise it can be everything, a bit like M theory :PL

Sarmento: When the old text is nearing the top. I want it to fade out. not just dissapear hard at the border

Palmese: P3nnyw1se: ah, is it just a white background?

Briski: I want it to fade to white yes. and it is already on a white background

Terhar: P3nnyw1se: then my solution works for that

Frazell: You want something like an opacity gradient

Hajek: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15597167/css3-opacity-gradient

Dedominicis: A pseudo element with hsla or rgba background