Yah floats dont work, have.

Codling: Kqr there’s 1% possibility some element sets negative margin

Marchese: Do you use any css framework?

Wilkins: Grids often set negative margin to do their magic

Schattner: Brajt, would negative margin work differently when a fragment is specified?

Coskrey: Hmm other than in angular, i don’t think so

Hatzell: You don’t have fixed menu?

Rameau: Brajt, i do use a css framework – bootstrap – but it does this even with javascript turned off so there’s no such deep trickery

Bud: Bootstrap != vanilla css

Fenton: Riera: the moment they ***ume you’re a slave

Drossos: Anchor links often require hacking the position when used with fixed menus. but other than that, no idea at the moment

Keipe: Nothing is fixed on this page, only relative positioning for the containing element and absolute positioning within it

Fullagar: Do relative element stay at the same place after you follow the anchor link? or does it move together with absolute element?

Lavinder: You rather mean position: fixed; I guess

Ramento: Brajt, it appears to stay in the same place. if I switch out the content of the relative element with purely statically positioned elements everything looks alright

Pientka: Brajt, but it seems like there was an overflow:hidden declaration that caused it – how, I have no idea

Bakes: What tools/text editors/etc. are there for css developers?

Dugger: And which have you found most useful?

Carchi: Yes! i’ve heard good things about it

Nothacker: I might get it. i’m getting into hardcore web dev and i hear it does wonders for that purpose

Sugimoto: Css, html and javascript

Dugue: I can recommend webstorm, sublime text or atom, each does its job well

Holderby: I’m mostly used to Sublime Text

Lepere: Webstorm is from the same guys who made intellij

Lotan: Live Preview and Quick Edit are really cool!

Bekis: Hi, I am using purecss for my grid. On chrome and safari, when using 24 set columns the last column is 1px to small. not an issue on firefox. the last column is 85.82. px and you can see there is a gap, if I set it to 86px it works perfectly. seems like chrome has a problem with the rounding. anyone have any ideas? would hate to throw away the whole lib because of this but just discovered the issue.

Solonika: I have a fixed width on my “page” the problem occurs on 1024, if I set it to like 1029 the problem is no longer there.

Neria: Oh pixel rounding. bad news

Sellek: I have a footer on my website in a footer tag

Gratz: How do i place text inside, but make the text appear at the very bottom?

Catlett: Parazyd, Align an element to the bottom of its container: .container { position: relative; } .element { position: absolute; bottom: 0; /* older versions of IE may also need left or right set */ }

Mullenaux: Where can i ask a website hosting provider question? i am hosting a site and forgot who i’m hosting it with

Huizar: Komp0__: i’ve been trying to talk to you for ages but you never answer πŸ˜€

Bairo: I rarely look in here πŸ˜€

Thurstonson: Komp0__: yeah pity do that more πŸ˜€ are you still running that fl site?

Mitman: Noo not for a long time

Gramer: Okay! sorry to hear that. here i’ll msg you

Caras: Why Firefox displaying that ” .carousel-inner .item img, .carousel-inner .item a img { width: 100%; min-height: 193px; max-height: 193px; overflow: hidden; } ” than Chrome? is there anything out of web standarts?

Bolt: Can you float a absolute positioned element ?

Strazisar: Zeroquake: learn about absolute positioning here so you can make sure you understand what it does https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/position

Kniffen: Yah floats dont work, have to use right , left property to achieve similar effect