Nope sry. I dont get it,.

Sobeck: Opacity is useless here

Jaeschke: Just trying to wrap my brain around it ;

Barthel: So instead doing that – just put a dummy white rectangle above the text

Weld: And fade it with a linear background

Abramian: Lemondom:

Rolla: I’m not that experienced. but wouldn’t putting a dummy white rectangle on top of the text. just still make it cut hard

Wireman: See this animation? I want to nowrap the word, and make the white box align accordingly

Farace: Http://

Peary: So the text is the background

Burgas: No, #container is the background

Polashek: And the overlaying white box. is gradiant ?

Fonner: Talking about my own issue ; . not yours

Likio: P3nnyw1se: in an ideal world you would just use this stack overflow thing – but only Chrome/webkit support it for now

Schurer: Can only handle 1 at a time

Rundell: Oh ok lol P3nnyw1se sry

Spataro: P3nnyw1se: but what is with other browsers.

Hardey: So – instead you use the other trick

Waack: It is not perfect, a trick, a workaround

Hockenbrock: I only need this to work on 1 browser and I don’t realy care which it is ;

Dys: And it is supported by all browsers

Mancine: P3nnyw1se: then do it for chrome

Blaich: P3nnyw1se: ok, read the stackoverflow then

Werstein: Http://

Shekey: Apply that on the text/content container

Tavera: And it won’t work with IE is that it ?

Russum: You said only 1 browser 😛

Shrimplin: Http://

Mench: So, no, no IE, no Edgelol

Blanchfield: Interesting, all others can do it apparently, at least the partial thing

Harbick: So IE will be the bad boy here

Maj: Well, you could use modernizr to detect support for that mask thing.

Eblen: And then you use the rectangle over text trick only for the IE/Edge combo

Kemner: And achieve the same _visual_ effect in all browsers

Traverso: Brajt: this is not progressive enhancement though :O

Belote: You could do it with pure css, pseudoelements

Perrish: I thought rectangle over text trick is using pseudoelements

Hawkinson: But only when modernizr whines about the mask thing

Tellez: Otherwise use the mask thing

Gilkey: The majority / real browsers support it anyway

Malicoat: Profpatsch the answer is “it depends”

Appert: So guys. lets just ***UME!:. I changed my mind and wanna use IE. and I just made a pseudo element. and positioned it using z-index correctly ontop of my other div.

Neiling: How do I gradiant the underlaying div into it ? :

Kurland: P3nnyw1se z-index? why?

Wigg: I don’t see any attribute that statically sets its size.

Splane: P3nnyw1se set element to relative, pseudoelement to absolute, set top 0 left 0 width 100% height 100% and simply apply background with linear-gradient

Starling: Okay thx, will change that then. do you also know how I would gradient this with the underlying element ? :

Tropea: And remember about pointer-events none if you want the text inside to be clickable

Karhoff: Profpatsch i’m watching football, can’t really dig through source code sorry

Pabelick: It would be nice if you could click on the size display in Chromium and see where it comes from.

Rasulo: I’d have to install Chromium for that to happen

Bartholemew: Nope sry. I dont get it, brajt . how do I apply the linear gradiant and make the underlying element half of it ? :