You’ve got a white image on.

Naddeo: Im new to using this admin-ajax.php

Dutta: Https:// trying to figure out some stuff

Taitague: Right now, i was able to output on console. 1 and 0

Edvalson: But is it posible to output JSON?

Milbrath: Minify JavaScript and CSS

Stimpson: Noahmg123: and what were you talking about removing code and some things still staying or somethig?

Gerdiman: Where the hell is that?

Sachez: VanHagar5150: is that you, bogo?

Davos: Guimares: At the end, I want the form to be cleared. I had wrote code to do that before, but it was causing problems so I removed it. I am actually gaining some ground over here so I will let you know if I fix it,

Carrizales: I managed to add my script to the webpage using functions.php.

Shivel: The script is there but it sits towards

Shroll: The end of the body tag and not inside the head tag as I thought it would. Unfortunately it is executed before the jquery script,

Czapor: Which is instead inside the head tag and therefore I get a TypeError: $ is not a function.

Riddleberger: Is there any way I can

Sadat: Get my script script_1.js to execute/place after jquery?

Rottier: I was asked for a link, so here it is, the error is in the console.

Sachez: B****t: how did you enqueue your script?

Talman: Https://

Sahara: Here is the functions.php, hang on

Gren: I am glad there is this fix

Heigh: Hopefully I got it right

Sachez: B****t: you need to add a ‘jquery’ dependency for your script

Fron: B****t:

Chebret: Ah really, but jquery is already there

Durhan: What’s the best way to replace URLs to your local server with links to a CDN if you’d rather not use any plugins or PHP hacks to make it happen?

Karge: That’s why I didn’t do it

Sachez: But you want yours to load AFTER jquery. read the Codex

Ritterbush: Ok no problem, thanks I will have a read

Farness: Https:// been trying to figure out where the hell I put the close div in

Sachez: B****t: “array optional Array of the handles of all the registered scripts that this script depends on, that is, the scripts that must be loaded before this script. These scripts will automatically be enqueued when this script is enqueued with”

Vaksman: Thanks Sachez, let me see what I can do

Darjean: Guimares: OK, it appears to be working but I will test a few more times.

Wydryck: I’m using Varnish cache server, but apparently using it to edit a response body is not ready for prime time

Socia: Hey guys… any suggestions of plugins/themes that would create a test system, where teachers can create questions and store them, and students can answer them and see the results in their profile?

Carney: Guimares: That was it. You so smart ;

Gilfillan: Luist: i’m doing just that, right now with formidable pro

Gelino: Carney: thanks and glad you figured it out

Schoppert: Noahmg123: good stuff

Turomsha: Guimares: Another happy customer leaves the building :

Buckler: Y2j first image need to make background alpha?

Colaw: Y2j the bottom I used a similiar pattern but its not lining up correctly

Paluch: Noahmg123: hey there

Sachez: Y2j: whata re you asking?

Baugham: Sachez; the first image is white however I want it to display tranparent alpha

Sachez: You’ve got a white image on a white background, y2j. What do you expect?