Guimares: OK, the.

Talat: Carney: what is the slug setup for your podcasts taxonomy? Because you have your slug for your post type as podcasts as well

Colemon: Sachez: I have been writing some code and I have an Advanced Custom Fields form with three repeaters. I wrote code to make posts out of the content from the first two but the third is giving me trouble.

Carney: Guimares: I think you’ve got me on the right path, perhaps. The slug for my custom post_type is /podcasts.

Sachez: Noahmg123: how does that relate to “Some code somewhere is doing something I don’t want it to.”?

Kneedler: Sachez: The first two keep their content when the form is submitted but the third looses it. Unless I change the name of it.

Sachez: You asked “s there an wasy way to see what PHP is running on my site.”?

Wei: Carney: try changing the slug of one of them and refresh permalinks go to settings – permalinks and click save TWICE

Sachez: So WTF are you asking?

Dwight: Sachez: worked perfect thatnks for the pointer

Crissinger: Sachez: yeah, I am pretty sure some PHP is clearing out my data but I have no clue where it is.

Flurry: Noahmg123: has Benzing to do with php verison most likely

Sachez: Gemclip: 12:09:20 PM Guimares: Gemclip: you mean you want to add to the condition? like ifis_home&&is_post_archives’events’

Sachez: 12:09:27 PM Guimares: pseudo code

Cuffia: Sachez: meaning the FIRST THING I MENTIONED as a fix? lol

Quinn: Sachez: way back when the first time the question was asked?

Sachez: Noahmg123: so put in a lot of debugging statements — log stuff line by line

Sachez: Guimares: yup. That’s why you get the big bucks

Yearick: Sachez: god forbid anyone actually pay attention to what I said

Negus: Sachez: That is the problem. I did that but it is clearing somewhere before that. I cant find where to putt the debugging lines before it clears it.

Hanacek: Sachez: could have skipped a TON of wasted lines of text

Clingman: Noahmg123: paste your problem code

Durfee: Carney: lemme know how that works out

Decatur: Guimares: one day your gonna **** off the wrong person

Dininno: Gemclip: yes. i will **** them off by giving them the answers to their questions before anyone else has.

Rassmussen: Got as far as comcast but ill let ya know

Sachez: Gemclip: I already have his lat/long plugged into my laser-armed drone. just waiting for the right moment

Mcfaul: Sachez: Thanks again for the help

Loyborg: Guimares: OK, here’s the deal. I had added a filter that had done what I don’t want happening now but it appears to still be happening despite me removing the add_filter function and the function I added. Is there something I can do to clear out the filters?

Hellriegel: Noahmg123: like i said. show your code

Moulthrop: Noahmg123: i have no idea what else to say.

Bence: Noahmg123: but it probably has Benzing to do with PHP version and its just bad code

Naccarato: Guimares: yes caching. how can I clear the PHP cache?

Mclean: Guimares: I commented out all the code I made and it still wasn’t working so I do not think it was my code.

Kaltefleiter: Noahmg123: no code no help. period

Carney: Guimares: I’m working that out now. What’s the story w/ the settingspermalinks save twice deal? haha

Kogen: Carney: it will do a hard flush of all cached rewrite rules

Douse: I am using wordpress all in one seo pack and on one of the pages the title and description are greyed out and i cant edit them but something that looks like I typed in earlier is displaying in the snippet preview

Marinos: Guimares: here is the code

Defranceschi: Noahmg123: . now explain please. what is the desired result and what is the actual result

Monarque: Guimares: OK, the commentary posts get posted, the photo posts get posted, but the design posts do not