Well, getting to a clean.

Money: All pages except for those 3 I mentioned

Densieski: Butch: When I load my theme’s admin page I get a character encoding error in the console: “The character encoding of the plain text do***ent was not declared.” Am I missing something?

Benasher: I never had an issue with the site until I went to go update the payment processor API key and noticed the Woocommerce settings page wasn’t in the admin menu

Bohling: So I tried going directly to the URL and it didn’t work

Schlipf: Was it sagepay by chance?

Zidek: Plzhelpim*****ed: and I should ***ume you didnt make a backup of your site

Schlipf: Oh, ok.I had something similar earlier this week

Rudick: There are weekly cpanel backups

Aguado: But I disabled all plugins except for woocommerce and the problem still exists

Blevens: It wasnt until I changed themes that it fixed it

Alred: I think I know what it is now

Dominiquez: Butch: I see a meta tag with a content/ch****t defined meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; ch****t=UTF-8″ /

Benion: Plzhelpim*****ed: you really should be more aware of your “surroundings” before you just go clicking upgrae

Bafia: Nevermind, there goes that theory renaming woocommerce folder inside theme so it would use stock woo files

Hisle: Plzhelpim*****ed: you have no idea if the plugin being upgraded has anything to do with it because of this which makes it way harder to debug

Stepp: I didn’t upgrade anything.

Nilles: Plzhelpim*****ed: you had said earlier that you upgraded a plugin, did you not?

Macaulay: And it didnt change anything

Hoistion: Plzhelpim*****ed: ok whatever. but EITHER WAY. upgrading OR installing new ones

Earehart: Plzhelpim*****ed: and you said that you added a new plugin and then you noticed the issue. you did not know if adding the plugin specifically did anyrthing

Carli: But you do know that removing the plugin didnt fix it

Anliker: Yeah the only thing that fixes it is changing themes

Geimer: That does not necessarily mean that the plugin wasnt related because plugins can leave stuff behind. Deleting them does not bring your site back to the way it was before oyu installed

Curtin: Brodka: I’ve offered several suggestions and offered to help you test. If you want me to go f myself, at least have to courtesy to sayso.

Caldron: I also tried removing the woocommerce folder inside the theme without success

Vecchi: Curtin: as did I. He just keeps repasting the same damn question

Freedlander: Plzhelpim*****ed: you’re literally just bonking around shooting in the dark with no clue what you’re really looking for, huh?

Brozyna: What other choice do I have?

Bamberg: Plzhelpim*****ed: typically educated guesses and following/ reading code is the way to debug

Whelehan: Not just running around flipping switches randomly

Doughman: Plzhelpim*****ed: we’ve gone as far as we can with you here really. You might have to ask on the Woo forums or hire someone to help you fix it who can get into your install, look around, and read the code

Bakley: Its a woocommerce related issue so I renamed the folder in the theme to see if using the default woocommerce plugin files would at least remove the permissions error

Mckelvy: I’ve also looked through the functions.php file for woo references to no avail

Hougland: I’m going to try restoring from last weeks backup to see if installing that woocommerce plugin did this

Schlipf: You were pretty confident it did a while ago

Martorano: Yeah that’s pretty much the only thing I can think of at this point

Lazzar: I mean the woocommerce install is out of date by a couple versions but Liebler major. I didn’t want to update it to 2.4 without dedicating some time to go over all the changes before hitting update

Curtin: Well, getting to a clean starting place and then looking at one thing at a time is a sound methodology, plzhelpim*****ed