Especially when I ask if.

Kisselburg: Stock TwentyFifteen theme loads everything fine

Bilbrew: Hm, let me try swapping the theme, too

Dunbar: Yeah, no luck there :

Oines: Fockler: yea your issue is not theme related

Veno: Any ideas on how to troubleshoot to find whatever function is causing this? I know how to use grep to search for strings.

Brodka: So, the thing is the contact us form is not working as no emails are send whereas when I tested with a plugin named “Check Mail”, the test was a success.

Notter: Didn’t think so; I’d already searched the source for php settings

Officer: Brodka: why in the FUG wont you answer my single, easy question I asked you multiple times? You just ignore it

Seat: Brodka: no one is going to help you if you keep on like this.

Rane: Ugh, php-fpm had post_max_size of 8m.

Fontanilla: I just enabled wp debug display and its showing the same error over and over

Canon: Public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3457 Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use

Dossie: Whoops sorry for the multi-line paste

Ruge: Can someone help explain why WP is displaying raw HTML for my theme’s admin page?

Catterton: Dcr: not broken. just out of date

Burczyk: Plzhelpim*****ed: that is not related to your permissions issues .

Theiss: I built an admin page for my theme and used the admin_menu hook. It worked great, but then I installed a plugin that also uses the admin_menu hook; now the plugin’s admin page works and mine just displays raw HTML the HTML is *correct*, but it doesn’t render the page

Swoap: Plzhelpim*****ed: its just that one of your plugins OR your theme isnt using the new __contruct method

Howton: Skubik: does the plugin interact with your settings page in any way or conflict naming conventions maybe

Sammartino: When I deactivate the plugin, my theme’s admin page works fine again

Model: Butch, Curtin, thanks for the patience. What I get for only dealing with WordPress once a month.

Broadwater: Skubik: not really what I was asking

Pollart: Plzhelpim*****ed: no the error you’re getting is the permissions one. THAT is the message you move towards to debug

Argiro: Plzhelpim*****ed: you’ve already got your error message .

Fairbank: Plzhelpim*****ed:

Triska: Butch: No, the plugin doesn’t have anything to do with my admin page. It *does* add something to the user profiles to support local avatars.

Ozols: Plzhelpim*****ed: if you say you didnt mess with any permissions at all mayeb you should start with calling your hosting provider

Clippard: Skubik: and your naming conventions? theyre unique enough that they arent overwriting each other somehow

Maples: Butch you think it’s an actual chmodding issue? I figured it was a function or something

Castellon: Because the problem goes away when I change themes

Grillo: Skubik: also check to make sure that its not some JS conflict. dont know what JS you use

Sandone: Plzhelpim*****ed: yea i suppose that makes it extra weird

Bauernfeind: Plzhelpim*****ed: where do these notices pop up?

Louie: Wp-admin/admin.php?page=woocommerce_settings

Rebar: Is that the only one?

Essery: Butch: Naming conventions should be fine; I used the theme name as a prefix for almost everything function names, etc so I don’t think that’s a problem

Boothman: Skubik: check console for errors. i dont know what your setup is for your settings page but soudns like it COULD be a JS conflict if your page uses JS to do some stuff

Kluver: Also got the error page on the payment processor plugin settings add-on

Puerto: MOST is not a good answer.

Badagliacca: Especially when I ask if other pages get the error