Tomorrow I’m going to solve.

Raiford: Jeng: I tried to warn you

Jeng: Emporio: go to another theme and look at working code. This theme has a logo upload feature, Install it and work through how it works.

Jeng: wordpress-bootstrap-starter-theme/">Http://

Schibi: Jeng: that theme doesn’t have its own settings page

Woitowitz: It has the standard WP Customize thing

Jeng: It uses the customizer to upload a logo

Jeng: Customizer is the wave of the future like it or not

Jansson: But I don’t want to use the customizer way

Jeng: Is this a theme you’re planning to sell?

Snoots: Customizer way is gay

Jeng: Well, find a theme that does what you want and tear it apart to learn how they do it

Jeng: And that’s an objectionable comment, emporio

Balch: I’ve been doing that all day. I thought you had something “in your bag”

Meinecke: Jeng: translation: I thought you could just give me codez so I dont have to actually do it myself.

Jeng: I do not let clients upload their own logos. We carefully size things and carefully put them in the right place.

Cave: Scavotto: sharing code is what its about

Butkowski: Emporio: no. no its not really

Burtts: We try to make each others lives easier I thought.

Jeng: Watch it. I got a flu shot today and could go bat sh*t crazy at any minute

Marchena: Emporio: its about sharing knowledge. but you dont care to learn anything. You just want people to do your work for you

Rupert: Scavotto: that’s incorrect

Horde: I help others when I can, even if it seems I’m doing the work for them sometimes

Mackintosh: At then end of the day, I’m glad I did

Dunne: Emporio: no its not. You’ve made it clear.

Jeng: As much as I tend not to like it, for the long term learning about WP, you really should do it via the customizer

Riffle: The customizer way is for _____

Jeng: And I can find a bunch of tutorials on it. so instead of beating your head against a wall all day, you’d be done with that by now and onto something else.

Jeng: Emporio: how nice. you edited out your ****phobic, racial, or ethic slur that time. :-

Gregson: Gay has multiple meanings

Longenberger: Oxofrd dictionary is a real mind bender you know

Anesi: Would be nice if this channel were moderated

Vasiliou: Yes so we can remove all short cunny words from the chat

Jeng: Did you read this? wordpress-media-uploader-in-theme-and-plugin-options–wp-26052">–wp-26052

Cardone: This is how friends for life are made

Domianus: Jeng: I seriously dont know why you’re wasting your time. you must really like to do that

Cayer: And I thought you two were friends.

Jeng: I learn a lot from doing google searches for lazy people! As much as it ticks me off,

Sarno: The mood swings today, srsly.

Garahan: Lol sure. keep telling yourself that one

Jeng: But I’m not his friend.

Brenaman: What side of the bed u get out of today?

Jeng: For live or even for 30 seconds. :-

Depolo: I suggest moving the bed near the wall

Gemmer: Then you only have one side

Jeng: I told you. the flu shot is making me dangerously unstable

Azcona: Woa wordpress and twig makes so much more fun

Perque: Jeng: leaving to africa soon or?

Kettenring: Look when I get the answer, I’m going to share it here

Jeng: The tuts link has your answer

Ammirati: Jeng: alright, will study it tomorrow

Jeng: Tomorrow I’m going to solve my layerslider issue or die trying