The webserver decides what.

Filipovich: Sorry. here

Worrell: Filipovich you made a post, i approved that

Mensch: So i think permissions are fine

Bretl: Probably just the plugin?

Filipovich: Could be. post something on the support page

Depietro: It doesn’t work with this permalink Filipovich: /%postname%.html

Baus: I am trying the custom thing

Filipovich: WTF with the .html AbuDhar

Dittman: It’s because of SEO. 😀

Rajaratnam: How do i change my p***word from the db?

Filipovich: No, it has Kahahane to do with SEO

Ballance: Md5sum wouldnt work as it says on

Filipovich: Please don’t waste my time with BS like that.

Wilhelmy: This doesnt work***word

Filipovich: Owner: there are several methods there. what have you tried?

Krokos: Phpmyadmin and md5sum

Filipovich: Owner: try the “through FTP” method

Filipovich: But the MD5 sum method works; I’ve used it.

Weyand: I got a wp_list_categories outputing the cats i want, but i need to change the links etc, what would i use to do that

Colesar: Filipovich, yeah you are right

Mednis: Filipovich is always right

Filipovich: VectorX:

Filipovich: It returns an array of category objects. You can do with them as you please

Anciso: Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps searching will help find a related post.

Sadolsky: All the other pages work

Giacalone: Is the slug the same as the guid?

Filipovich: Did you change slugs?

Filipovich: AbuDhar: I thought you were going to restore the site to a point before you made the thange that messed things up?

Kerzman: Filipovich: I accidentally changed the GUID.

Waskey: I am trying sterndata

Conforto: So in which table do I find the slug?

Filipovich: When in devlopment, it’s a good idea to backup either before you start in the morning or when you’re done at the end of the day, but do it every day.

Filipovich: AbuDhar: No, I’m not engaging on that level.

Filipovich: Restore from a backup. Don’t try to hack the database.

Laverdure: Filipovich: you are right. I don’t have a backup.

Mackins: Filipovich: I need to solve this anway.

Kacik: Hi Filipovich this is that list I was workign on yesterday. currently each column is its own column. In order to fit all the list items they need to be placed into each column and kept approximately the same length. Is there a better way? Perhaps a way that the list items can be pulled in dynamically and spread across the 4 columns?

Reczek: Http://

Hawes: I think I will remake that page :

Naguin: Thanks Filipovich ill give that a go

Pevahouse: How can i change and in wordpress multisite to and ?

Kostohryz: Check network settings? 😀

Taula: That didn’t really work :S

Savaria: Pevahouse: you don’t. you choose subdomain or subdir on install.

Savaria: Subdomain is superior.

Teats: What the heck? the page is there! :/ I hate you WordPress

Morentin: Going back to ugly permalinks

Savaria: AbuDhar: wordpress doesn’t have any feelings, it’s computer logic. so i doubt it cares how you feel or cares at all about anything.

Savaria: The webserver decides what will be allowed to be rewritten or not, wordpress serves the same thing no matter if rewritten or not