And if the text is too big.

Allshouse: BePolite: scroll down near the end of this article –

Pfeffer: Ok mbm I’ll look int o that

Aronow: If i set a hover pseudocl*** and i want to check if a specific element part of that cl*** is hovered, can i check that somehow? or would i have to set an id for each element

Haeder: Oh actually nvm. i know what to do

Krogh: Hey yall i’m trying to center my form but as of right now i’m using padding … i don’t what to do that cause it’s not dead center

Guzma: How can i center this form? i am using materialize fyi

Shipman: It is already centered

Lions: EllisTAA see it yourself, I just copy/pasted on jsfiddle:

Czerno: Saccucci: that’s probably bc of padding

Defusco: And it is not dead center

Gilhooley: I tried margin-left:auto and did the same for right .

Howser: Set left-right padding the same and it will be centered

Yafaie: Yeah that seems to work. is that a bad way of doing it?

Stillson: EllisTAA can you specify a width to that form?

Terres: And then set margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;

Rippee: I used your other suggesting and that works. is it bad form?

Stoltenburg: But the form will have a fixed width

Chrystal: Yeah i want it to be responsive

Mccarthy: Test it some more on a few browsers, if it works, it works :

Ramelli: Hmm, is there a rule against mixxing overflow visible with overflow hidden? overflow-x:visible overflow-y:hidden isn’t working

Mayle: EllisTAA margin might be more appropiate than padding if you plan to style the look of it later

Medsker: Aw yeah, my vertical-center mixin is boss

Medsker: It’s centering all the things

Bio: Medsker does work fine on android browser?

Hanes: I do the transform translate -50%

Medsker: Yeah that’s probably way easier

Mohrmann: But I hate to use prefixes

Penta: And you have to with that obne

Deloy: Oddity: my chrome dev tool says the width of a th is 170px, but my screen ruler measures it at 184px. both are set at 100% zoom, and my screen ruler correctly measures my full screen width.

Wardinsky: Why might chrome render it wider than it claims it is?

Dennie: Ezakimak: got a jsfiddle for it?

Collins: Actually the ruler is closer to 190px

Sandersen: Mbm, Preferred live pastebins:

Kully: Basically somewhere that shows off the problem?

Panico: Well, i highlight the th in the element browser, it highlights it in the rendered window, and shows in the popup 170px width

Barriault: But when i hover the screen ruler over it, i can *clearly* measure 190px width on the screen

Murgia: I understand your description of the problem, I want to see what it does in my browser

Pasquarello: Mbm, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Caldoron: Might it be just because it’s adding horizontal space to spread out the table?

Diemoz: But then why would it still report the width property rather than the actual width as rendered?

Tarka: Until I can actually see the page in question I can’t answer any of your questions

Pezzano: Why should i only use bootstrap for prototyping and not production.?

Choinski: How can i make text align to be inside a button

Cecchinato: And if the text is too big for the button what do i do?