The sites white, in safari.

Nordeen: Rontill: fyi, there are several parallax themes like the on you bought in the free theme repo.

Matheus: Yes, i know that know. I got hooked on the seemingly great site builder tool. since I was frustrated with the regular editor. but now I seriously consider switching to a free theme again

Holtgrefe: My point is I can not answer a simple yes or no question honestly because the simple fact is I HAVE NEVER logged into this site, I own the server its on

Janosik: Intact, ive never seen what the site should look like, so for all I know, its doing what it should be doing

Kuhar: DrDigital: you PROBABLY should get access to the site before you seek help for fixing a site, in that case. right?

Jempty: I’ve also never logged into a wordpress backend

Leib: DrDigital: you really think that WP SHOULD be reporting a million errors when debug is on? REALLY?

Guster: If i should probably have access so the site. If i did, I wouldn’t be here

Bauza: DrDigital: well. come back when the site owner gives you admin access

Kiesewetter: I own the server, i have ssh access to the contents of the site, i have administrative p***word, I have root of mysql and i have the mysql information, I also setup the hosting. now i turned on debug because its a white page and my php error logs gave me no information to go on. so i figured, well Joomla has a debug mode, lets see if wordpress does too. and i learned turn false to true makes it give such debugging information, only issue

Saltness: Is i do not know wordpress and i wasn’t sure how to fix the missing file

Krouse: I had the owner give me access a week before entering this channel, i just never logged in. they thought i needed access to host the site

Petet: DrDigital: what missing file?

Rustad: DrDigital: so you HAD access but you dont anymore? Are you sure that username p***word the client gave you doesnt still work?

Kind: According to the DEBUG mode, wp-content/plugins/flexslider/widgets/widget-wooslider-posts.php

Buhl: Yes, because the freaking page is blank! omfg

Teder: You told me to shut debug mode off, i did

Ruggiere: Http://

Ging: Since you don’t have access, and the owner hasn’t given you access, try

Fanguy: DrDigital: ok so like i said. you turn debug off and you should be able to use it as per normal. I did not see anywhere in the error logs where it said a file was missing

Mcgwier: Okay, well i turned off debug, thanks for all your help

Franciscus: DrDigital: this is not a white page

Apsey: And it is for my client

Moland: DrDigital: well. its not a white page for me.

Trillo: DrDigital: maybe you should clear cache or something

Wollenburg: Maybe because i tried logging in at first

Leard: DrDigital: trying logging in doesnt turn the site blank

Barthelmes: I’m sorry, but i keep seeing a white page, i don’t have cache and since you said you don’t see one i got my cell phone and sure enough its working

Pannhoff: I spent over an hour on this before joining here, trying to google the debugging out

Gyaki: DrDigital: what do you mean “you dont have cache” ?

Matusek: Opsec: what are some good free themes that are somewhat similar to mine?

Kirkling: I have caching disabled in my browser

Jarrell: Rontill: loook in the WP repo for “responsive”

Nordeen: Rontill:

Crofoot: LindsayM_I logged into the site as an admin and now got a white page again

Khauv: DrDigital: how did you log into the site if you said you had a white page to begin with? JHow did you get rid of the white page initially?

Stele: Different computer/diofferent browser

Hersom: The sites white, in safari and chrome, works fine in firefox right now and if i login i bet it will go white too