But regex can’t help me.

Frederickson: Stiang: https://jsfiddle.net/rpaxjqak/1/

Riffle: Jimminimy: sorry, no idea

Singco: Http://postimg.org/image/juabep2i7/ — why selectted item is false? can anyone explain me? thanks

Kershner: Jak2000: if you switch to the console at that break point, you can type in expressions there

Zelechowski: Jak2000: I would simply try “this.text == $myProd” first

Luzuriaga: This.text == $myProd is false not know why

Ellcessor: Jak2000: from there, you can try to just copy the two strings and compare then as literals, to make sure there isn’t any getter magic going on


Pizzico: Jak2000: my guess is that there are weird UTF-8 characters messing things up

Yerdon: Jak2000: those aren’t normal brackets from what I see


Pizzico: Jak2000: I see two spaces in the latter

Kimbrell: Jak2000: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_punctuation

Deklerk: Well that’s not chinese, but whatev

Bovey: My guess is it’s some utf-8 whitespace black-magic

Vandewege: Gillice: do you work out your fuzzy matching problem?

Milnik: Jak2000: console.logencodeURIComponentthis.text

Schreacke: Deltab: not efficiently. I’m overthinking the entire logic again anyway

Kettenring: Gillice, deltab: What should be fuzzily matched? :

Ducksworth: Jak2000: or as a watch, however you want to do it

Craigmiles: Gillice: maybe round the number used as the key, and check the two closest

Mokry: Gillice: what are you trying to achieve?

Albritton: I keep forgetting.how do I write this if graph is a variable “results.append”img src=’graph'”;”

Malach: Hashtag__: I have a lookup object with exact coordinates as keys and I need to find the exact keys with a rough y-coordinate

Haukaas: There is a 0.01 margin

Walseth: Gillice: google maps api and such?

Pilson: I guess I could round them

Merdian: Don’t the open street maps and similar geo databases got this kind of look up supported?

Draffin: So you got x,y coords and you want to find out the element the coords point to?

Thuesen: Or an element roughly next to it?

Terhune: Ah, this is for the pdf email software you told me, right?

Nevel: There is existing commercial software that does exactly this with pdfs

Tanon: Http://www.pdf-tools.com/pdf/pdf-extract-content-metadata-text.aspx

Stanclift: That tool won’t know what it’s reading either

Cupples: All it can tell me is that the text exists at x,y which I already know

Gallante: GgVGc: hmm? you can listen for an event at any time

Snaples: Http://www.interhacktives.com/2014/03/12/extract-data-pdf/

Ramsaroop: The challenge here is to tell my tool that the text at x,y is an address or an order quantity

Catacun: Gillice: you got database table fields, so you clean up the element text and then you insert it?

Osteen: How do I reverse the slideshow images so they slide to the right instead of the left on this page: http://smtc.com/ ?

Schute: Hashtag__: first I need to find the right text in the huge stack of texts 😛

Griffing: Hashtag__: and Tabula is not useful here because it’s a manual tool

Bagnell: I’m not sure how regex can help me here

Gay: GgVGc: I’m probably missing what you mean

Mcaffee: Gillice: there must be a pattern in the data – otherwise it isn’t automatable anyway which I don’t think

Bellmore: There is a pattern in the coordinates

Alsaqri: But regex can’t help me with that