Thanks guys, those who can.

Lunsford: So I can use them in a template file? :

Balls: But what does the template file have anythign to do with it?

Collicott: The add media button on any edit screen or the media manager let you upload multiple images at once

Lunsford: I am setting up an image gallery which is being uploaded in bulk +- 50 images, and I just want to create a page for it with a custom page template.

Anglen: You can also upload images to a directory and write a script to import each image if that’s what you’re wanting, Duikb00t

Ashely: You could just create a page, load all the images to that page, then query all of the image attachments to that post and handle it anyway you want?

Lunsford: How would you load them

Lunsford: With the default image gallery?

Lunsford: Currently I am trying the image gallery with ACF to load them.

Finizio: Lunsford: I would recommend steering clear of ACF for most things, this included

Fiorino: Look into writing a script to use the sideload functions that WP offers to load your images into media gallery in bulk

Coscia: Lunsford:

Lunsford: Oh thats totally new for me :

Lunsford: It’s not really downlading from an url but they are really ‘uploading’

Grissett: True – you can use some other functions for that as well

Lunsford: Are you not a fan of ACF then?

Spriggs: I’ve been paid several times to migrate from their headache to something custom – but for people who want to skirt around custom fields done from scratch I *guess* I can understand people using it

Forson: I don’t know if this would be a good place to find someone who can point me in the right direction with a WP issue I am having.

Lunsford: WordyPressing Just ask.

Willock: Our site has to have SSL by Friday in order to keep taking customer orders. When I go to I get a “Loading. Please Wait.” error, and it gets stuck. When I go without https, it works fine. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hennigh: I can compensate if someone’s ***istance leads to a solution.

Bedward: Lunsford: – this is a script I wrote to add images into media with some attachment meta from a comment form – it could be repurposed to load files from a directory instead of from the $_FILES array

Stohlton: Jphase_:

Tretola: WordyPressing: possible that a script is requiring something from http rather than https

Tretola: WordyPressing: actually that seems to be exactly what’s happening

Lunsford: Just metioning:: you have local url’s in your online config. which refer to localhost — WordyPressing

Goeken: Anyone here use vpsdime?

Songster: We didn’t write this site. We took over to help this company get a few things corrected, and part of that is getting them migrated to a new host and set up with SSL. The migration is done.

Tretola: WordyPressing: some bits need to be updated to work with secure connections

Thielemann: I understand that the script requires things from http, but I wouldn’t know where to begin troubleshooting that.

Caston: I have very minimal experience with WP and website stuff in general. We are just IT guys.

Beatson: Hi guys, what would you recommend as quick fix for “viagra attack”? ;

Dunnaway: Couple of seconds usually at the most

Jeng: If you have an erection lasting more than 4 hours, seek immediate medical help

Jeng: Define “viagra attack” ?

Joachin: I got some feedback on Reddit that I might be able to fix it by replacing the http:// with just //

Cina: Some viagra links append on the website.

Handin: S button is stuck i think

Redifer: Mateusz: , and stop trying to patch up your hacked site. Reinstall or restore your backups. And read

Singley: Thanks guys, those who can and those who can’t 😀