Ok give me a minute or so.

Clyatt: Robscow: Could be. Better load them one after another

Clyatt: Kittinger: Which means? :

Meekins: When do you actually use column oriented database ?

Salvaggio: Ndb is not webscale, right?

Willcox: Salle, aye that’s what i’m having to do, but it’s several hours every day

Clyatt: Robscow: Several hours every day? Something is wrong with your approach then

Clyatt: Robscow: Or the server is badly configured

Remis: Salle, hence my presence here :

Bourgault: Salle, Kahoun: column-oriented db stores tables as sections of columns of data rather than as rows of data.

Rill: So mysql is row oriented, and vertica is column oriented

Axon: Salle: but I suspect you know that

Quanstrum: Sections of columns of data. hum.

Lacina: Kahoun: it doesn’t appear that Vertica is in-memory,

Clyatt: Kahoun: MySQL Cluster is not exactly MySQL, but it is row oriented too

Clyatt: If “row oriented” really makes sense

Kaneta: Kahoun: btw there is Nelles-ndb for MySQL Cluster questions.

Clyatt: Kahoun: MySQL Cluster is shared-nothing cluster. I don’t see anything that suggests Vertica is a cluster like

Brosnan: Kahoun: it’s a more intimate affair over there.

Clyatt: Kahoun: It will help if you ask more specific question

Othon: I’m more interested in why would one use column oriented database and how to imagine it in my head : cause mysql table is simple excel spreadsheet if you imagine it.

Clyatt: Kahoun: You can’t be more wrong than that :

Clyatt: Kahoun: MySQL table has nothing in common with spreadsheet

Clyatt: Kahoun: s/MySQL/Any_RDBMS/

Boulay: Ye well you can export data in spreadsheet format so you can visualise data in the table like that.

Hasker: Kahoun: it’s better for sequential record access where you need to access the same field of multiple sequential rows rather than multiple fields of a single row.

Arnoldi: Kittinger, okay this is great answer. ok i get it

Clyatt: Kahoun: You can export JPEG file into array of bytes. Does it mean JPEG is mere array of bytes?

Clyatt: Kahoun: Not to mention with databases you export the result of a query not the actual data directly

Fuselier: Salle i totally understand that.

Clyatt: Kahoun: column oriented database refers more to the way the data is organized and has nothing in common with how it appears to the end user

Pean: Kittinger, does vertica make map/reduce like hadoop ? to spread load between nodes ?

Clyatt: Kahoun: Why are you asking that in Nelles channel?

Phalen: Cause there is no #vertica channel :

Tiogangco: And some of you may know it

Takenaka: I’m sorry if i’m off topic

Holzem: Kahoun: Back to Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vertica “The product integrates with Hadoop12 to leverage HDFS within Vertica and provide access to Vertica’s data through MapReduce.”

Leimkuhler: Kittinger, salle, thanks for the explanations.

Sayavong: Kahoun: if you are curious about MySQL Cluster. http://mysql.com/why-mysql/white-papers/mysql_cluster_eval_guide.php

Dzierzanowski: Can pattern matchingusing LIKE be based on 2 columns?

Bainbridge: Where col1 like %P%.that is for one column

Geesaman: Dimi1947: do you want fulltext ? MATCHa, b AGAINST ‘string’

Hyland: Dimi1947: what do you want to do?

Osden: Do you want me to describe the problem I am facing?

Nyce: I have 3 tables.by the way where to put the show create result?

Woehr: So you can see the structure of my tables

Quinnie: Anywhere except pastebin.com

Meaders: Dimi1947: http://pastie.org or http://sqlfiddle.com/

Lucente: Ok give me a minute or so to prepare it