Sterndata thanks, tried.

Perron: Yeah, OK, i’m now voting that way. :-

Armentrout: Sterndata: I’m trying some more = thanks

Krenz: MarkusDBX: fyi, here’s the plugin:

Birtwell: Could someone please help me with a theme issue if possible

Vinall: Evisu: Don’t ask to ask, just ask :

Lueders: Sterndata: lol. just like drupal views

Wuitschick: But drupal views are free

Freiberger: And has a better api in the backend

Gitelman: MarkusDBX: but you’re not using Drupal, so get over it.

Heibel: I have a theme called appdev with a testimonials section showing on Home

Josefy: So Views is just a visua lcomposer ?

Elsasser: But i want that section also showing on Home2 but i cant see how to get it there

Boerm: Visual composar is for layout of single pages

Bennefield: Gapen: closer to Conductor, if you’ve seen that before

Klegin: Views is for database driven pages

Josefy: That wp-types one just looks like a visual composer at least ;

Bilbao: How is the testimonial stuff put on the home page, evisu?

Denet: Imo visual composer is a very bad idea for anything but very small sites.

Kerbow: I just have a Testimonial section in admin panel

Schlemmer: Where i can add testimonials

Bennefield: Gapen: wp-types is a pretty cool suite. I mostly just use the types part, which is for custom fields, field groups and relationships

Federgreen: Evisu: when you purcahsed that theme, you purchased support. Please post a question at wordpress-theme/5307269/support">

Gonzelez: Visual composer might seem smart in the start, but if the site “scope creeps” into database driven, visual composer is a huge burden.

Szala: Visual Compuser the plugin of that name is NEVER a good idea.

Bennefield: Gapen: afaict, ‘Views’ is for very basic page layouts.

Serb: I don’t get that toolset plugin really

Josefy: Sterndata: I was thinking of th concept 😛

Goynes: It’s better but still costs money

Tellinghuisen: Gapen: I’ve used Drupal views to create pages that, in WP, would require a LOT of PHP in a template

Bennefield: Sterndata: not sure if I agree. I think VC can be a good idea under some cir***stances.

Herz: Http://

Credeur: Sterndata: imo, if you’re going to use lots of database driven content, drupal is a better choice than paying for and hacking along with toolset views.

Youkanaa: Free, newer php, and symfony

Proctor: Evisu: you need to talk to the theme’s author via the link I gave you upscroll.

Singeltary: Ty, unfortunately they ask for purchase id to signup to their support forum and the system to authenticate that doesnt work

Bennefield: Evisu: then purchase support?

Mcquiston: Evisu: I do not have that theme, cannot look at its code, and not familiar at all with it.

Josefy: You hsould only need to login to your envato account for the support ot carry over for you, no manual work required

Carlini: Can’t purchase support as its free with purchase of the theme

Knust: Sorry to be a nuasance

Josefy: We’re just trying ot be good stewards of the WordPress ecosystem, and are at a bind since we don’t know the theme in any way =

Vanscooter: Hi guys, anyone ever been able to import product bundles through any of the CSV import suites available?

Salisbury: Bradbrad: I’ve used wp all import pro to import Woo stuff, but I’m not sure how one indicates bundles in it.

Cheverton: Bradbrad:

Kmiotek: Sterndata thanks, tried that the pro woocommerce addon, but it seems to only support variations, grouped etc not bundles. :