Looking at it, you could.

Das: Tommy_the_dragon: you could use pre_get_posts and test for is_archive

Heintzelman: Gapen: Thanks, for coming up with some clues, I investigate further.

Cordone: Tommy_the_dragon: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Plugin_API/Action_Reference/pre_get_posts

Bennefield: Tommy_the_dragon: I’m ***uming you know about the template heirarchy. You can use that plugin to check which template is being used.

Josefy: Lenswipee: I’m going to blame the plugin for doing something weird then, perhaps the plugin is running later than your code ?

Bennefield: Tommy_the_dragon: and yeah, what sterndata said. The other approach is using pre_get_posts

Kampe: Could someone help me configure subdomain for network?

Bennefield: But I’d take a closer look at your custom query

Isla: Gapen: nevermind I fixed it using a different approach. Laters.

Muoio: Tommy_the_dragon: there are a couple of plugins I’ve used, but both are more than 2 years since the last update

Bennefield: Like, I’m not sure if your use of WP_Query was correct. I could be wrong, but doesn’t it just take an array?

Broadrick: Bennefield: not sure, but that was taken from a doc page.

Bennefield: If I’m right on that, your code should probably either cease executing or throw an error at te point where that custom query appears

Gadway: Hey chaps – trying to migrate local instance of a multisite site the root site to a production server with the same setup – i want to copy the contents of wp_options but not sure if there are entries that relate to all sites – don;t want to change anything related to the network or to other network sites. anyone know about this?

Josefy: The argument as valid :

Gumbel: Sterndata: thanks, that looks like what I am after

Bennefield: Tommy_the_dragon: Im’ not sure which path you want to go. but can you do a little testing, and confirm or falsify that your template is actually the one being used for the page you are trying to render?

Huttar: Gapen: btw is there any better way to do it, some abstraction layer to do queries visually in the editor?

Doebler: Gapen: Thinking about something similar to Drupal views, if you’ve used it.

Flaminio: Why not just run queries in a page template?

Josefy: Afraid I’ve never done much Drupal

Josefy: MarkusDBX: Not that I know of, you could look at generatewp.com and see if they have osmething, it’s the only place I could imagine having it

Thomison: MarkusDBX: There’s a plugin that does views-ish sorts of things, but it’s overkill for what you want, I think.

Klamn: Sterndata: it might be, is that plugin good btw?

Moncher: I don’t know. I’ve never used it.

Orozco: What, exactly, are you trying to do?

Bally: I’m using woocommerce

Ginzel: I like to list all products of a category AND all products of a tag, in the same query.

Moonsommy: Bennefield: I solved it using pre_get_posts, but I’m sure the plugin you sent will come in helpful soon :p

Bennefield: That plugin is awesome

Ellerkamp: I think you need to run two queries, store the IDs of the resulting posts in an array, extract the unique IDs, then loop through the result and display the products.

Cugini: Sterndata: So no “SQL join” like logic in the wordpress query api?

Sympson: You could probably do it with one query. read the do***entation for wp_query. In my mind, my approach is simpler.

Krach: MarkusDBX: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Cl***_Reference/WP_Query

Simonson: Sterndata: yeah it depends. if the abstraction layer for queries is fast to use, it’s better, otherwize your solution is easier.

Heizer: But simpler is in the mind of the beholder, MarkusDBX :-

Tanen: Sql joins are time consuming in genearl

Banyas: Looking at it, you could combine tags and categories in one query. I may be coming around to that approach.