SNAFUdowser: you’re the.

Jastrzebski: Bu***and: I think I will use pre_get_posts, I just need to do a proper amount of reading up on it though to get my head around it

Cayce: Cody123: chances are there is a an error somewhere

Grogg: Rudeboy: look at wordpress conditionals. That will tell you how to target specific pages with your alterations to the loop

Ideue: Rudeboy:

Carper: Bu***and: Awesome, thanks so much:

Kimura: Bu***and: Adding it to my to-read list

Treharne: Hi guys. Is there a hook that you can trigger PHP when someone publishes any sort of content on their site? Basically “if site updated, activate update code”

Wardhaugh: Or if site updated, produce a migration file

Cronon: Bu***and: With pre_get_posts, would all the $args go into functions.php?

Berberian: SNAFUdowser: well. not necessarily any sort of content. there’s a million little content areas. You want to target what specific things you want to push

Vonfeldt: Rudeboy: pre_get_posts EVERYTHING is in functions.php

Kintz: Bu***and: Ok cool. I’m going to attempt it. :

Hintergardt: Bu***and: What if I want to cover almost every site content update. Would that require basically special cases for posts, pages, etc? Or is there something that is close to universal?

Broody: Rudeboy: here. this is close to what you’re trying to do but instead with the search page instead of archives

Bloise: Rudeboy: is_search would just have to be is_archives or something like that

Sambrano: SNAFUdowser: there is so much more than posts, pages, etc. you have to think about theme options, user info, media /images AND media/images meta data, plugins, plugin options, etc etc

Mccrudden: Bu***and: Oh wow, thank you! Gees, you’ve really been a star!

Ezernack: SNAFUdowser: that is FAR too broad and I highly doubt you need ALL of that

Flott: Bu***and: If you rename the WordPress directory on your server, switch ports or change the hostname applies

Havener: Bu***and: I basically want to be told whenever a site change is made, so that I can rehash that content. So technically I’m talking about triggering an update so that I can keep an up to date hash of all my site content. That includes styles, header, etc. That’s why I’m thinking more about universal updates.

Lazurek: SNAFUdowser: styles, header, etc. that is not site content

Abernathy: SNAFUdowser: that is something you would set at the server level. that has Kahahane to do with WordPress or a CMS in general

Durdan: Bu***and: Ah I see. So basically when you activate my plugin, it would execute php which would watch the wordpress database for any changes? The reason why I was hoping to do it at the wordpress level was not to hit 100% accuracy, but instead to just trigger updates like “Oh, page X was just updated–let me rehash that page” or do you think th

Brugliera: At is too complex so it’s not worth it, instead I should come up with a different solution, possibly crawling static site content?

Mulry: SNAFUdowser: i think it doesnt make any sense at all.

Cherubino: SNAFUdowser: watching the WP database for ANY changes is ridiculous. i mean, also, that is what server logs are for. This doesn’t make any sense what youree trying to do

Pabelick: Bu***and, when I say rehash the page I mean using a tool like this: clearly locally

Mahula: But ah yes I’ll look into server logs

Flink: SNAFUdowser: how are you going to hash files/ headers/ etc?!

Brockmann: SNAFUdowser: none of this makes any sense

Calzone: SNAFUdowser:

Moman: Bu***and: I’m sorry I really don’t mean to confuse you or anyone. Hahahaha

Perruzzi: SNAFUdowser: you’re the confused one sir.