Bu***and: What would be the.

Big: Bu***and: Ah, I’m not going to be able to use pre_get_posts because I ma using multiple loops. http://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.stackexchange.com/questions/50761/when-to-use-wp-query-query-posts-and-pre-get-posts

Hamon: Could Mysql crashing possibly erase data from a buddypress account variable?

Birkenhagen: Rudeboy: why? why are you using multiple loops?

Mithell: The variable checkbox is still checked on their account setting page, but shows empty when called in members loop.

Allee: Bu***and: because I have a true/false field, so the first loop pulls the posts with TRUE, and the second FALSE

Frew: Bu***and: Wow too funny. And well I’m not too confused. I’m just working on something that’s a little crazy and so we will see if it is indeed how it works or not. But anyway thanks for the help 😀 lol

Deloera: Rudeboy: true false for WHAT though?

Lindenberger: Bu***and: Or more PAID/FREE than true/false. So for instance, Paid event or Free event. First loop pulls PAID events and wraps them in a separate div. Second loop pulls FREE events and wraps them in another separate div

Sosbee: Bahr: in the same vein as last time, how can I get these types of custom plugin code like: display_property_details to work on any theme I install?

Pilchowski: Rudeboy: this really isn’t making sense. Ithink your entire setup is probably wonky / bad planning

Bahr: Buddyq, there is no “do this to apply to any theme or plugin” method

Kleinman: Crap, I was afraid you would say that.

Marazas: How do i make plugin code work with a new theme?

Bahr: Buddyq, all plugins are themes use the wordpress coding standards to produce their product theme/plugin

Bahr: Buddyq, plugins should work with themes, regardless

Bahr: Otherwise you have a crappy plugin

Bahr: Buddyq, OR you aren’t reading the manuals :

Bahr: You could also have a terrible theme. or a theme that had the core modified— speaking of, are you using child themes buddyq?

Claros: Bahr: can I pm you a link?

Bahr: Buddyq, display_property_details is a shortcode

Bahr: Which plugin are you using?

Bahr: Some MLS plugin i ***ume?

Bahr: In my experience, those are garbage. the data is old. Heck, the ACTUAL MLS for north texas isn’t even up to date because all you realtors are lazy! 😛

Chatcho: Bu***and: http://paste.ofcode.org/sep5RhjNNeAe3DiP4ntSH5

Bahr: And that’s what the realtors use! so if the MAIN db isn’t up to date, how can you expect any turnaround on a site? to me, mls/idx systems on a site are just for bait and switching 😛 i guess some properties could be stagnant

Fitzpatrick: Bu***and: Excuse the weird tabbing, I tried correcting it three times

Bahr: DFW is hot hot hot– unsure of austin

Placzek: Anyone have a weapons grade laser planted on the moon?

Seigle: I need to track down this dev that used ? instead of ?php

Kollman: Rudeboy: so you’re grouping posts based on a meta value.

Vahey: Rudeboy: but you realize you’re doing this on ALL archive pages, right?

Sterry: Http://cl.ly/image/192C1h243D1i

Hounshell: Anyone who mentioned me?

Grims: Bu***and: Your ellipsis makes me nervous ha ha

Mcgeehan: Rudeboy: so you want this done on ALL archive pages?

Levert: Rudeboy: also, the $pt_query_arg isn’t going to have a value on the other archives pages that don’t get your $_GET values

Garib: Rudeboy: so that’s going to toss an error.

Angleton: Rudeboy: again. I have no idea what your theme or data setup is, but doing this in archives.php acrpss the board isn’t good

Bahr: AbuDhar: scroll up maybe?

Bieri: Bu***and: I kid you not, that image is still loading. Sometimes I wonder if I’m on dial-up.or worse!

Crouser: Bu***and: What would be the alternative to having it on archive.php?