Shelburne: If they’re.

Malbaurn: I am wondering whats the cause here? is it my connection switching name servers?

Donohve: You could be seeing cached results by your ISP, cached results from your computer, DNS propogation might not be completed if you recently moved them etc etc etc

Juaire: Guy’s all ****ed because his plugins folder is empty

Michno: NS propogration can take up to 48 hours after all

Malbaurn: Cached result by ISP – maybe ?! but why does it switch between old and new. cached on my computer? nope, DNS not completed? hmm again why does it go back and forth

Cerri: Is it cached on your computer?

Malbaurn: I guess you are talking about the browser cache? then no

Garson: Depends how long its been for you really. not much you can do to speed it up

Malbaurn: I dont want to speed it up, just curious why it switches

Shelburne: Hey guys.critical problem. My site is giving require errors for stripe-php plugin. So bad that I can’t even login to fix it. What do I do?

Cullers: the errors

Trussell: Shelburne did you getg the plugin off it

Shelburne: Https://

Shelburne: I think I installed it from WP repo long time ago.

Trussell: Stripe php is a cl*** not a plugin

Shelburne: Well, the errors say stripe-php plugin

Shelburne: Stripe is the plugin, it uses stripe-php cl***

Shelburne: You mean post the file on my hosting or are you telling me to look at the code?

Trussell: Man this laptop is slow

Kendig: We need to see init.php just like how you posted the errors

Shelburne: Hold on.updating FileZilla then I’ll Gist that file.

Trussell: Missing that json lib

Echegoyen: Yeah you’re probably missing the file JsonSerializable.php

Malbaurn: I think i call my provider tomorrow

Malbaurn: Iam really interested in it :

Bocchini: Lol, you’d probably have more luck on a web hosting forum

Sumlin: Or you mean hosting provider?

Argote: Don’t ask your ISP lol they’re probably all tards

Shelburne: Okay.Gist is updated with init.php

Malbaurn: Not isp but hosting provider

Thomaston: Shelburne: requiredirname__FILE__ . ‘/lib/JsonSerializable.php’;

Cordell: You’re missing that file

Shelburne: It’s weird that I’d be missing the file.the site has worked fine for god knows how long, then suddenly I go to it and it has these errors.

Stanger: Https://

Phenix: Download it again and replace that file

Slonecker: Well not replace, upload

Shelburne: At least two files in /lib/ somehow disappeared.

Shelburne: I don’t suppose there is a plugin that would popup a comment/suggestion type form to every visitor when they are leaving my site to ask them what they think could/should be improved about the site?

Schweickert: Don’t know the name, but it exists and from personal experience, it’s a great way to ensure I never return to the site ;

Shelburne: Last I checked I get some traffic, but never get any response. So, I’d like to ask all my visitors to tell me why that is.

Tumbaga: Just going to put this out there while I’m googling. I have this WP_Query who’s result looks like***0vs and I need to change the AND just after wp_posts.post_p***word = ‘’ to OR

Shelburne: Wait.I meant an on-page thing, not another browser window or tab.

Abend: Right now I’m trying to find where in the codebase WP ***embles that part so I make a filter that emulates it with that single change.

Janos: Shelburne: I’m a bit confused by your request

Lorette: Shelburne: If they’re leaving your site, why would they bother to stay on it longer to tell you why?