Shelburne, here’s my logic.

Spino: If anything have something non-instrusive that comes up via js while they’re on the site

Mikkelsen: Personally I use GA to identify patterns, what links are they using, what part of the site gets viewed etc, it’s usually a clear indicator in my opinion

Lias: Jstransky: What’re you trying to achieve/what does your initial query look like that’s the generated query, I’d like ot see code

Shelburne: Corith: A “window” made of HTML/JS which would provide a comment/suggestion form to users when they exit my site. Not a -browser- window, but something that is a part of the page.

Schams: You’d probably only be able to do that with an alert

Sisti: And it wouldn’t be a form

Shelburne: I didn’t know you could put any kind of form into an alert

Shelburne: Well, without a form how would I get any usable feedback from them?

Lemmer: Filipovich: a plugin Relevanssi search ´says´ Multibyte string functions are not available please install mbstring extension. Could you enlight me with the importance of this mgs and/or extension for a server?

Enstad: Shelburne, to users when they exit my site. — do you want your users to hate you?

Leubner: Winland: Here’s the code that creates it.

Shelburne: _Zodiac: I beleive mbstring is an extension to PHP.

Austria: Jstransky: And the desired effect is ?

Shelburne: Znf: No, I would just like to get feedback of why they are leaving the site.

Shelburne: I want to get feedback from the visitors that are finding my site by searching, not people who build sites for a living.

Enstad: If I leave your site, I don’t want a freakin’ pop-up preventing me to do so

Reeck: Shelburne: I know : but it still doesnt tell me if it is important enough to install it on our server

Shelburne: _Zodiac: Well, if you’re getting an error, it’s probably important to something you’re using.

Ruscetti: Shelburne: Especially if I’m a user that visits it often, you really want to ask viewers that every time?

Kalmen: That’ll for sure make your bounce rate 100% and traffic never coming back

Santoya: No not an ŕeal´error it is more a msg : Multibyte string functions are not available. Relevanssi may not work well without them. Please install or ask your host to install the mbstring extension.

Shelburne: I guess I could create a special contact page and make some kind of link graphic to put in my sidebar

Charania: Winland: I want it so matching in post_content is optional, not required

Enstad: _Zodiac, what does Relevanssi do?

Dingman: It is a replacement for wp search. and it also highlights the search items

Enstad: Well, mbstring deals with character encodings

Weisgerber: Err.more an add-on on wp search

Shelburne: Znf: Interested in giving your opinion? I’m willing to private you my site address.

Heral: Jstransky: No way to override that one I’m afraid. once you p*** ing $args’s’ the search generator kicks in and it’s not really.overwritable

Churape: Https:// if you’re interested

Enstad: Shelburne, there is no need

Enstad: I said what I had to say

Sussex: Sure, but I can manipulate that portion of the sql with a posts_where filter

Biava: Znf: ah okay, so it is in our case kinda important, our server carries German language related cms

Enstad: _Zodiac, yes. There’s no reason NOT TO have mbstring, really

Shonerd: So I think its a matter of rewriting it from within. Similar to

Sestoso: Jstransky:

Shelburne: Znf: You commented about using such a plugin, not about the site. But it’s cool either way.

Javier: Znf: was reading this and seems not to diff to do so I should take the ´risk´

Enstad: Shelburne, here’s my logic – if I will stumble upon your site from search results, chances are I do not care enough about providing feedback