ScoDal: i started using it.

Mcraney: Vardump is less helpfull if you like to inspect objects .

Santaloci: Thty that in filters which return a value :

Madlung: Daslicht: its perfectly fine for this case.

Mascall: Yiu get a cluttred mess

Pinkton: Right now you’re making a clustered mess of trying to help someone

Cummingham: ScoDal: wp_die is a little WP debugging tool. you do wp_dievar_dump$myvar; and it will kill the page and display the output on screen relatively nicely for you

Hupka: Ok i tried to var_dump a variable but where do I see the dump Lindsay ?

Leuters: Daslicht: really a debugger should be used

Gittleman: Hansel: sorry what? Not gonna email you

Champlain: Emporio: on the screen

Feekes: Emporio: on your page. printed like any other text displayed from PHP

Whalley: Scavotto how wonderful! Awesome tip I appreciate it, fix problems quit instead of parsing out everythang

Rousch: I apologize for the confusion, I just answered his question

Mascaro: Daslicht: you just derailed. dont need derailing in this room when you’re dealing with people who are easily confused.

Holy: Hansel: i dont have a mailing list but I can be found in this room pretty easily.

Bielik: Hansel: so if you get stuck, just come here. Myself or someone else will help

Patin: Quickly doesnt join mailing list

Gellings: Daslicht: trust me. its frustrating enough with some people

Gamotan: I’ve learned a lot in just the last 4 days by staying OUT of here and just sticking to Google

Riemer: I get all caught up in the chat and lose sight of my goal

Gerlt: ScoDal: you can learn a lot in here as well as google. but you should often be googling BEFORE coming in here to ask a question

Holdiness: Tbh this place is better for learnign how to problem solve vs getting answers.

Belsky: Yes, complete source code examples readily available all over the webs, I like getting pointed in the right direction here

Schillinger: Sometimes I struggle how to ask google my question in a few words

Friede: Right now my struggle is to integrate buddypress into all of wordpress, not just the buddypress pages. It’s irritating so much that I’m tempted to say bye to buddypress

Chuppa: ScoDal: this place is good if you’re interested in learning different ways to achieve something. Often times especially with WP people THINK they know what they need to do but really they’re doing it all wrong / backwards

Spingler: So learning to problem solve 😛

Buono: Hey thats me, lots of backwards looking for the right direction!

Tann: ScoDal: when working with buddypress I recommend you focus on learning how to manipulate arrays. BP is a LOT of just grabbing the data you need as an array and iterating through it

Founds: ScoDal: but i’m not sure what you mean by “integrate into regular WP pages”. Buddypress pretty much takes over most of WP . and you have access to BP specific widgets you can use, etc

Malott: It’s like you already know where I gave up today, I did global $bp; and tried to var_dump an array, but it keeps coming back int0

Slick: After 4 hours I decided I need to give it a rest lol

Jeng: Much frustrated with LayerSlider plugin. much mucher muchest

Zehender: Lol whaddup sterndata

Ballar: It’s in our dev stack

Orleans: Haha DoctorDaley I will check mr debugger

Guderjahn: ScoDal: also have to remember that BuddyPress is still just WordPress. you’re still basically dealing with the users table, posts table CPT’s etc. So there’s always a “WordPressy” way to do something

Bulosan: ScoDal: debuggers are great. if you have the time to spend on the learning curve with them.

Stalley: The learning curve is small

Mcgarrell: ScoDal: i started using it but then just didnt have the time to really futz