Dont have lookups in an.

Cooperman: I’ve been trying, I’ll keep at it though! Thanks for your time though, I appreciate it

Poinsett: Hi, how do i select the nth descendant?

Chesanek: Twirl, or

Sorgente: How can I make this code so, when I hover it will only replace the cl***es for that specific box I am hover on :

Maese: Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance

Piselli: Claytonzaugg: nope, i have an index a number and i need to p*** that to the parent or something i can’t select by cl*** or w/e

Demeo: Drewery, have you tried using $this at all to scope only to the thing you’re hovering over?

Means: Claytonzaugg: I have been thinking about it

Witherington: But I couldn’t figure out how to factor this into this code

Baudoin: Claytonzaugg: i have jQueryelement.indexthis; // returns a number, all i have is the element

Kilday: Span cl***=”jtable-page-info”Mostrando registros 1 a 10 de 69/span

Resto: Claytonzaugg: so i would like to do something like element.parent.childrenjQueryelement.indexthis;

Pascoe: How can I get just the 10 numer of that text tag?

Librizzi: Drewery: yea but i need index -1

Leffelman: Twirl, I have to split for a bit, sorry, but try and get another on here to help out.

Chubbuck: Twirl: sorry for the confusion, I was thinking if indexthis could solve my problem

Demaio: Drewery, I gotta split, sorry, try and get another here to help out

Chalupa: Drewery: i don’t know about ur problem

Chao: Twirl:

Marien: Drewery: sorry man i’m working on my own problem

Kaestner: I am just trying to target the one I am hovering

Dildy: Also scrap all this and use css

Dildy: Only thing you need js for is a touch fallback

Obrecht: Decx: but I want to target the whole wrapper box as a hover element, however I have two different styling values for the title and the content, how would you target wrapper as an hover element and change the values for the title and the content in css

Philavong: Drewery .wrapper:hover .title { }

Dupuy: Robertmaxrees: the reasone that login wasn’t working every other time was because of encodeURIComponent, hence spaces being encoded to %20

Guerena: Hurry why did that break over other time though?

Commer: Hey thanks guys, I feel extremely stupid when answers are sitting in your brain and you get tangled over simple stuff

Dildy: Btw, having separate cl***es is too verbose

Witczak: Funny creature, jquery is

Dildy: Like isntead of title-hover and content-hover it should be wrapper-hover

Dildy: Regardless of css :hover being better

Dickow: Decx: I think I won’t need any of those now, I will just target them under hover status

Dildy: Yeah you dont, just something to think about

Angel: Decx: robertmaxrees thanks guys!

Barocio: Decx: definitely, I appreciate the touch up!

Dildy: Anytime you repeat nearly the same line in code it’s worth thinking about why that other line is necessary

Dilox: Yeah one should go DRY

Weiler: For some reason i can’t get lazyload.js to work

Baich: It keeps loading all the lazy images, without me telling so

Jorstad: I have a click event to load the lazy images and they get loaded anyway

Forslund: I have a hunch but i’d have to see your code to confirm :

Shira: Robertmaxrees:

Roble: Hey, this looks like it could be done in a way cleaner way – any advice?

Fahl: Adv_ check your consol.

Dildy: Dont have lookups in an event called by scroll Zzaichik