Rapid same as it would be.

Grange: Its all based on experiance

Grund: But I would wish my worst enemy to EIG companies

Vogeler: Bluehost, hostgator, all those jam as many customers on a server and over load them

Fara: Yeh, I guess we should find a “noname” whos pretty good

Fara: Who doesnt have 9000000000000 users

Vogeler: Vps ramnode, linode, digitalocean, shared siteground, wpengine, a small orange, are a few

Fara: If google would make an hosting company

Mara: Small orange has had some good reviews

Roath: Google kind of does lol

Howarter: Google domains and google cloud serivces

Vogeler: Rapid check out siteground

Borghoff: They dont deal with easy setups like shared are

Vitiello: Siteground is good as well,

Vogeler: wordpress-hosting.htm">Https://www.siteground.com/wordpress-hosting.htm

Laub: Its hard to find a good “small” shared host cause they pop up out of nowhere

Vogeler: Dont bother searching best webhosts, all the siteslist the same ones, host gator, bluehost, etc cause they are paid to, you wont find a decent review site with real listings cause they are all paid for the spots

Bazydlo: I always looked to webhostingtalk.com

Rowsey: Reviews by people and compnies post deals

Vogeler: Http://hostingreviews.io/web-hosting/shared this is actually a good site

Fara: The best way is to check sites who are actually hosted there

Fara: Any sites u know that are hosted on siteground

Vogeler: Hes a wp developer behind https://proplugindirectory.com/

Vogeler: No ads, or anything on that review site unlike the 1000’s on google searches

Fara: I feell like. bull**** ?

Vogeler: One of the more expensive ones

Prasad: Ya get what ya pay for

Fara: Well, might aswell send them a mail how much is it for wordpress hosting

Fara: Since their plans are kinda big for my needs

Vogeler: Those are the minimum plans

Fara: So it’s bascially for big business

Fara: For companies most likely

Vogeler: I would go with siteground, if i had to choose a budget host thats actually good

Vogeler: The 8$ a month or the $15 a month has a few more features like premium backups

Vogeler: 15 a month has git and staging too

Sham: This one might be better and cheaper, depending on amount of traffic: wordpress-starter-project/">https://googlecloudplatform.github.io/appengine-php-wordpress-starter-project/

Fara: Well Ill check it out when I have more time for that

Fara: Well Defcronyke I would go with anything that has to do with google.

Vogeler: If its just for 1 site and you dont mind spending the extra cash, wpengine is good think its 30 a month though, think i saw a coupon a few months back where it was only 5$ a month for first 3 months

Fara: Well fris, the current thing I have for hostgator

Fara: So that’s the only reason im staying at the moment lol

Fara: No need to pay $ till 2018

Vogeler: Well keep it until you run into probs ;

Fara: So how good is google do u think

Fara: Anyone saw a site running using their hosting?

Vogeler: Appengine is more trouble than its worth to setup a wp site

Schelle: I have a test WP install on app engine that gets zero traffic and so far the hosting has been free. not sure how expensive it would get once it has users

Mahanna: Google cloud tends to be reasonably priced for app engine apps

Fara: Be sure that it will cost ****LOAD

Fara: Haha ive seen big jokes with google when it comes to traffic

Vogeler: Rapid same as it would be if you had a site on amazon, prob around the same cost pricing wise