Paste the code please and.

Caudell: Or is that global function smart enough? :

Mahrer: Clausing: Depends how your site is set up, but if you are callign the function inside a loop then that’s the way to go, unless you are feeding it a post id of a post not related ot the current post at all

Lindenfelser: By default, it’s smart enough, but some plugins do bad things

Girouard: Yeah, sometimes you don’t use the loop because it isn’t enough ;

Lonas: Gustav1234x: If you don’t have backups and such, And need ot restore everything, you’ll want ot look to a service that offers site recovery, personlaly I recommend Sucuri for it

Christine: Gustav1234x: You’d have to go through all the files by hand and clean it up, and of course update.

Orttenburger: Clausing:If that’s the case, I’d feed it the ID, and use $post_id as a variable inside the function always avoid using $post because of the global overlord variable :

Binz: As long as the function has enough data to perform its task ;

Aleizar: The most important aspect of that change I made is really the printf since it seems to be a free text field of sorts in the first place you need ot think of sanitizing the output to avoid sneaky injections and such

Barlip: I’m trying to figure out some requests at – could someone help out?

Schulter: What I’m trying to figure out is if it’s possible to do an AJAX request on the API to get plugin information.

Neugebauer: But I can’t make the plugin information action to work.

Abrams: Am I at fault here? Is /1.1/ available / ready? or is it under development?

Erskin: I can’t seem to find any information online regarding the api- and version 1.1

Bingman: Which of the APIs are you hitting ?

Rerko: There’s a fair few of them

Sievert: Https://

Piepenbrink: Sending an action of: plugin_information

Barninger: And I’m always getting slug missing.

Huitt: Could you pastebin your code ?

Tupa: I’ve tried so many ways of sending the slug that I’m starting to feel that it doesn’t work :/

Kriese: Wait a sec to find one of my tries that actually made sense.

Heuman: I just hit it with and it works just fine

Putcha: Which doesn’t allo cross-origin calls

Gassen: Which means I can’t use AJAX to request anything.

Lickness: String locator is gay!

Dunn: Yeah, I can’t find 1.1 either :

Botten: That’s what I’m trying to figure out. 1.1 is available for themes

Granier: At least it seems to be working

Abbadessa: Http:// — Mentions what is available

Darnold: Yeah the APIs are independent of eac hother after all

Tuia: So Themes is at 1.1 updated for the lovely new theme repository, plugins are still 1.0

Bellon: So in short, there is no way to get plugin information using an AJAX call

Horsman: Ioann1s: I can do it with ajax.

Lesches: I just tried with Postman

Turdo: Clausing: on ?

Bagley: Clausing: wait a sec I’m talking about browser xhr requests

Giuliani: Clausing: browser won’t allow me to get data if there is not a cross allow origin header

Chrisp: Yes, I used X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest

Berhow: I could write a quick test in js as well running locally

Kelling: No need I’ll have at it wait a bit 😛

Stoviak: XMLHttpRequest cannot load No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘http://magicpanel.local’ is therefore not allowed access

Deniken: Paste the code please and I’ll try it out