Making a go-nowhere link.

Gaucher: Boogyman: ah java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.42.2.jar /dev/null 2&1 &

Marcelin: Don’t provide users an interface that lets them specify regex used in Perl.

Giannitti: Because it has the exponential time problem.

Engels: What’s the simplest way to take a truthy value and convert it to true. var isOn = strVar false;

Kemplin: If strVar is set, then I want isOn to be true

Jardel: How do i ensure the order my javascript files are being loaded?

Emberson: It’s my first time using backbone, but backbone seems to be loading before underscore

Bitting: So I’m getting an error

Bowron: Madp_ You either look into something like requirejs or similar. Or you simply start your script once all files has been loaded.

Flander: Has anyone had any luck with the notification API window.Notification in chrome for android? seems the function exists but haven’t managed to make any notifications.

Boeckmann: Https:// works for me

Dinapoli: Seems like it’s having some troubles. I got a page to load now. almost.

Ravens: Hey! I’m wondering if it’s possible to trigger an javascript alert if url changes to /something/. is it possible?

Finzel: Johelish, just check window.location and match it to the url you want

Mccullar: J0hnsm1th: This is what I’ve tried myself:

Volin: I’m using window.location.href

Kszaszcz: Tried this to

Rentie: Is Array.isArray”a”, “b” save? Can I use it cross-browser?

Brockmeier: What’s the correct safe/save?

Pizzitola: Johelish, maybe try something like this:

Knepshield: Johelish, i have no idea what you are doing, but it might help by doing console.logwindow.location.href to see what it looks like before trying to match it

Binger: Moep afaik it works on everything, except IE v9 – underscore may give you some clues how to do it safely:

Bah: I’ve not used underscore or lodash yet, thanks for the link:

Care: J0hnsm1th: Thanks alot! Saved me alot of headache

Paulhus: Hello ruby in the dark

Paulhus: Https://

Paulhus: Moep? what are you doin here old criminal?

Bulkeley: Paulhus hagb4rd Paulhus – gE?

Brumley: Http:// I keep getting an error that says ReferenceError: src is not defined at Gulp. anonymous

Hadesty: Hi all, what is the point of adding javascript:; in href?

Mapua: Coderzm: makes it a link without it going anyway

Brodeur: Delta: i see. is that recommended? or just adding a #?

Ferruso: Coderzm href=”#” will make the page jump to top

Salamy: Seems pretty pointless to me, when you can make a real link that works without javascript

Halaby: Href=”javascript:;” just executes an empty js expression

Gerken: And have javascript override it when available

Meriwether: 10:56:55 ankr: coderzm href=”#” will make the page jump to top

Becera: Via a click event listener and e.preventDefault

Mcculley: Xatenev You know what I mean. But feel free to elaborate.

Lian: U rly jump to top then on “#” ?

Varos: Thought u stay at ur place 😮

Gulick: Does e.preventDefault prevents that behaviour?

Mulkerin: Yes, it prevents the link being followed automatically by the browser

Rosebaugh: Though I would question whether you want a link at all in that situation

Kinsley: Note that links can be opened in new tabs, bookmarked, etc.

Kegel: Making a go-nowhere link breaks the expectation that you can do those things