Panelli: yeah, but using.

Marrotte: Gnotaras: It’s not been un-moderated since yesterday

Panelli: Gnotaras: contact

Diangelis: Panelli: i just don’t feel like contacting this guy right now

Pezzuti: Ok plugin activated lets setup a new group for that

Panelli: Huerto: I usually copy index.php of the parent theme and name it according to the template hierarchy

Jensvold: Panelli: he suspended my account for no reason and without explanation. he clearly cannot handle the powers he has been given

Sabal: Huerto:

Kasemeier: Huerto:

Krzyminski: Working code:

Pezzuti: Panelli And then I set: Taxonomy term = categories right?

Panelli: Gnotaras: I doubt that. good bye.

Coler: Gnotaras: You got a 24 hour cooldown period, it’s not been 24 hours yet :

Panelli: That should be extended

Panelli: Huerto: I meant this here:

Pezzuti: I set image but htat genreates a textfield right?

Pezzuti: Just paste the url in it from the media element?

Panelli: Advanced Custom Fields has image fields. but you want to store the Field content and I imagine, Advanced Custom Fields stores them as links to the media file.

Zumbo: Gapen: i’m cool. The fact that dembowski thinks i am not cool does not make me not cool

Riberdy: You were a bit rash yesterday in those replies, it’s a normal procedure and we do it quite often and users accept it as they know their rpelies are just slightly delayed throughout the next 24 hours as we need ot approve them manually

Bibler: There’s really no personal grief involved at all :

Escovar: I see this in my header.php twentyfourteen theme “wp_nav_menu array ‘theme_location’ = ‘primary’, ‘menu_cl***’ = ‘nav-menu’, ‘menu_id’ = ‘primary-menu’ “, but I can’t find which file contains that actual function. Any ideas? I was expecting to find a menu.php, but that doesn’t seem to exist

Panelli: Mobyduck: that’s in most cases listed in the Codex, usually at the bottom.

Malling: Mobyduck:

Panelli: Or did I get your question wrong?

Gaschke: Gapen: total lack of notifications about account status, no explanation by the mods. I find it funny that you call it “normal procedure” : I respect everyone’s work, but these procedures are just funny. :

Jaross: Perhaps, but you need to keep in mind that we are working with a rather outdated forum software we are working on upgrading it, but it’s a long process that doens’t have all these fancy notifications etc that we’d like =

Gjerde: Panelli: thanks. That’s a core function then, not a theme function?

Rockenbaugh: The process will most defenitely become better moving forward as more features become available with the planned upgrades

Schuchat: Gapen: understood, but that does not make the procedure normal i guess :

Mercando: It is, we just don’t have a way to notify users of the status change and starting to email users from our perosnal accoutns for every action we make is obviously not an alternative

Deren: I wanted to add an image link to the menu bar, but that doesn’t seem possible?

Parnell: Gapen: but the mod can still write a message about the account related i action he is about to commit, especially if he is already into a cool discussion with the member. So I cannot really accept this as an explanation.

Panelli: Everything is possible

Panelli: You could e.g. use CSS styling

Panelli: Well, norepeat etc … 

Panelli: Or, which is more/overly complicated, use wp_get_nav_menu_items and then manipulate that as needed.

Oravec: Panelli: yeah, but using styles to artificially add it to a list spells trouble on different devices 😛 or at least I fear it will