Salle, i need to exclude.

Suwannakintho: Did you insert ‘NULL’ ?

Lieb: Too much of a hint. sorry

Hilyard: So in mysqlCli NULL and ‘NULL’ looks the same, didn’t know =

Schwisow: Salle, to have such a table with NULL values, and ‘NULL’ string =

Correl: Wrksx: Well . it can happen by accident and it often does especially for people who tend to quote everyting including numbers and NULLs

Ganigan: Salle, I’m on the opposite side, the less I quote the better I feel.

Swed: Salle, may I send a PM?

Winfree: Salle, I’m using heidi SQL and they got a special color for real null value, that is cool

Copstead: Are you using any kind of GUI to manage your DB ?

Correl: Wrksx: I loved GUIs back in 1980s and early 1990s, then gradually moved to command line interfaces only

Correl: Wrksx: . and to good old vi for text files :

Didion: Salle, lol I was -5 to 5 year old in the 80′ =

Laplume: Salle, why that move ?

Correl: Wrksx: With GUIs you See things. With command lines you Know

Tuschhoff: Salle, looool sounds like obiwan

Otremba: Solving bugs/issues is bad enough without doing it though a buggywith issues? interface :-

Artibee: Salle, danblack, how would one differentiate NULL from ‘NULL’ on CLI

Correl: Wrksx: Not by just looking at it

Swed: But now you will remember to check

Correl: Wrksx: You can with SELECT

Ruhstorfer: Yeah you have to check with IS NULL

Correl: Wrksx: Any function there will help too

Correl: Wrksx: Random example: SELECT x, CONCATx will immediately reveal the difference

Bonwell: The more I work with mysql the more I love it

Muckelvaney: I guess I love the concept of rdms, I should try another one day

Krumsiek: Damn gotta get back to work chilling time is over now

Lemarie: There are 6 fields in my table, name of the fields are controllers,ind,view,edit,delete and add, each field will contain value either 0 or 1 except controllers it contain name of controller, i want get the list of controller in such a way if all the field value contains 0 i dont need to get the name of controller but if any of the field contain value 1 then i need to get the name of controllers,

Phi: I tried using NOT EXIST using nested statement but not able to do it.

Sweaney: Any help would be really helpfup

Correl: Sailend: Why NOT EXIST for god sake?

Correl: Sailend: There are several simple ways: Brute force SELECT controller WHERE f1 = 1 OR f2 = 1 OR f3 = 1 . ; some shorted, but somewhat hackish ways: . WHERE f1 OR f2 OR .; . WHERE f1+f2+f3+f4 . 0;

Rutty: Salle, sorry it should be NOT EXISTS my typo mistake apology from my side

Correl: Sailend: NOT EXISTS is for subueries!

Triano: Salle, i tried it it works

Correl: Sailend: What is “it” in your sentence?

Correl: Sailend: You tried typo mistake and it works?

Poarch: I mean i tried using sub query to test if it works or not and no luck,

Correl: Sailend: Why subquery?

Aboulahoud: Salle, the only thing i want to exclude from my result is if all the field value contain 0 then i need to exclude that from my result,

Correl: Sailend: You have simple task which does not require any subqueries

Correl: Sailend: SELECT controller FROM your_table WHERE col1 = 1 OR col2 = 1 OR col3 = 1 . ;

Pou: Salle, this will give me the list of the controller which have field value 0 also

Correl: Sailend: This will give you what you said you want

Correl: Sailend: It will not return any row where all the columns = 0

Tran: Salle, i need to exclude the list of controller if all the column value matches to 0 but if any of the column value of controller is 1 then i need to retrieve that